10 Important Steps to Turn your Idea into a Startup

Do you know, an average person comes across 6200 thoughts in a day? Isn’t that interesting? Well, you read it right, every day we come across thousands of ideas, and among these ideas, there can one, which can bring us great results if executed in the right manner. Taking this ahead, here we will be talking about the 10 Important Steps to Turn your Idea into a Startup. This blog will further, explain different sets of steps to start a small business.

How to start a business from scratch?

Before we talk about how to start a business from scratch, we must have a clear understanding of what is a startup, what do we mean by a startup, and similar questions. Well, a Startup is a fresh business venture that is introduced by an entrepreneur or a group of people, with an aim to shape their business idea into a successful business venture. From startup registration to setting a successful business venture, there are a number of steps involved in the process. However, if we list down the steps to start a small business, then, it involves:-

Market Research

Merely having startup ideas cannot bring you success. You need to connect your startup ideas with the people around you and find how your startup ideas can solve their problems. Hereby, what can be done is; conduct market research, talk to people about the problems that they have been facing and explain to them how your startup idea can solve their problems.

Prepare Your Business Plan

Regardless of your business type and size, preparing a business plan is very important. This would account for what will be your business all about, how you will take your startup ideas forward and how you will overcome the challenges that would come in the way.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

As we discussed in our earlier post, Top 5 Reasons Why Startups Fails to Succeed, where we talked about why protecting intellectual properties is very important for fresh business ventures looking for turning their ideas into a startup. By protecting intellectual property, we mean issuing patents, copyrights, and others, so as to keep the business data secure from copycats.

Create Your Brand

Beyond choosing a brand name, one must focus on creating an online identity for their business. Hereby, one must choose a name that portrays your business ethics, principles, and goals. It must clearly define, what is your business all about and how it would impact the people. For example, a digital business card brand, “Bizcard”, clearly defines, it’s about business cards.


Once you have defined your business plan, you need to incorporate it into the legal format as per the country’s requirements. For instance, if you have been planning to set up your business in Singapore, then, you need to incorporate your business as per the country’s laws and regulations. Hereby, there are many relaxations that are offered by this country to the fresh businesses and this makes it, the best place to start a business.

Find a Co-founder

Likewise, it’s said, If you want to go far, go together. So, for the fresh entrepreneurs who wish to turn their startup ideas into a successful business venture, they need to have a Co-founder. This can help them track their business progress effectively and achieve their business goals in an organized manner. Thus, when you work on the back-end of your business, a co-founder can manage things well.

Find a Workplace

Mostly, fresh entrepreneurs decide to work from their homes, to cut down their costs during the initial stages of their startups. However, you can experiment with picking a co-working space or sharing office space. This all depends on your business needs, as if you are more into a communicative role, then, you might have to work in an office space rather than working remotely. On the other hand, if you find there is no special need for being physically present, then, you may opt for working remotely.

Seek Expert’s Assistance

With the right advice, one can achieve anything that they aspire for! For startups, it’s important to Seek Assistance from a Technology Consultant, who can assist them with the right technology that they must pick, technology deployment, and technology platform.

Enroll in an Accelerator Program

If in case, you need additional support like financial assistance, technical support, or any other assistance for deploying your startup ideas, then, you can apply for an Accelerator Program. Hereby, there are some good companies that receive applications from startups like Techstars, Brandery, and more. However, one should keep in mind that they have to share some proportion of equity with these companies.

Raising Capital and Finances

One of the biggest barriers, one might across is raising capital for bearing the expenses. Likewise, one can go for crowdfunding or approach an angel investor. Hereby, one needs to be aware of the fact that they might have to share a proportion of the company’s equity with the investor for every successful deal that they make.


All in all, the fresh entrepreneurs who are having an exciting startup idea, but, do not know how to start a business from scratch, then this blog explains all the steps required to start a small business. By seeking the right assistance from the business consulting companies in Singapore like Pixel Softwares, one can get adequate information about how to optimize their business activities, how to deploy technology solutions, how to plan their business activities, and most importantly, how to turn your idea into a startup. Thus, for a startup to be successful, one needs to make it certain that their startup ideas are well-aligned with the people for whom they are meant to serve, it resolves the problems that are being faced by the people and makes a positive impact on the society. Once, one follows the right process, follows the right guidance, and monitors their progress from time to time, they can achieve all the business goals easily.