10 Revolutionary Tech Products That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

As we have almost progressed towards a fresh new year with new aspirations and hopes, most of us would be looking forward to counting on what we have accomplished so far! Then, here we are with a list of ten revolutionary tech products that didn’t exist ten years ago and in addition to this, we will be talking about how tech firms in Singapore have been contributing to bring tech products for the businesses and helping them to scale in heights!


Across all the networking inventions, Whatsapp is undoubtedly one of the most effective and interesting discoveries so far! Founded in the year 2009, this app entirely replaced the SMS and messaging culture from all parts of the world! Initially, this app worked on a revenue model and charged the users an annual fee of 1 USD, but lately, in 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp at a whooping price of $19 billion and ended the annual subscription plan! Today, this app has more than 2 billion active users in the world and it has now become one of the most important social networking apps, which is faster, secure, and efficient!


Unlike the days when one had no option other than waiving their hands for getting a cab, now with the growth in On-demand mobile app development services in Singapore, there are plenty of cab booking services available now! For instance, Uber is one such technology products that have revolutionized the way people used to commute from one place to another! Introduced in 2010, this app allowed people to book a “cab” with the push of a virtual smartphone button and even get the real-time status of the available cabs in their area!


Another interesting tech product, which has redefined the way one used to define money! This virtual currency, although does not have any physical existence, but has more power than the physical currencies. Lately, when the crypto miners, got to fully understand the bitcoin meaning, they not only introduced the bitcoin wallet account for the crypto-traders, and within a short span of time, this currency observed a significant rise in its market value and attracted billions of investors from all over the world.


In the initial days, when Instagram was introduced, it was all about filters and photo editing options. Lately, it was realized that it has got immense potential beyond filters and photo editing options and it emerged as a great social media platform, which allows users to share every vertical of their lives in a more convenient and effective way. As this platform gained popularity among people of all age groups, tech giant, Facebook acquired it, and lately, it was used for business promotion and marketing purposes.


The launch of an online music streaming platform like Spotify was one of the most influential events of our modern era, which revolutionized the way music lovers used to enjoy the music! This platform, not only made it possible for the users who wished to enjoy their favorite music, without having the need to store it over physical devices, but also, allowing one to access varieties of music at any place and at any time.


Gone are those days, when one used to rely on a single source of income, with tech products like Airbnb, it has now become possible for one who has been looking for growing their revenue out of their commercial space. In addition to this, it has allowed travelers to plan their trips more conveniently, without stressing about the budget. This platform has further, opened up an entirely different space, whereby, we will be observing further growth in the demand for seeking mobile app development services in Singapore.


Do you know what it takes to make a great team for a business? Well, it’s none other than great communication and hereby team collaboration tools like Slack is one of the best tech product ever introduced. This tool not only made the entire communication part between the team members more effective but, also, making it more organized and meaningful. Such software programs further marked the need to seek software development services in Singapore.


The importance of business networking was realized, when the COVID-19 took upon all the verticals, and the government was left with no option other than putting the cities under complete lockdown, which made it nearly impossible for the business professionals to meet and share their business details! Amidst this, the Bizcard App which was introduced by one of the best mobile app development companies in Singapore, Pixel Softwares took the charge! This app not only made it easier for business professionals to grow their business network but also introduced the digital form of business cards!


For the local vendors, who struggle very hard to make their business sales, Myshoppy is a great platform, whereby, every registered vendor is assigned a store code, that has to be shared with its customers and upon this, the customers can enter into the eCommerce store of the vendor’s market and shop for their favorite products online! This app is introduced by one of the best eCommerce solution providers in India, Clover IT services.

Clover CRM

No matter, whether you have a small business or a large one, you need to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers, if you wish to run your business successfully over longer terms, and hereby, Clover CRM is regarded as the best one! Besides being regarded as the best CRM for small businesses, it is among the top ten revolutionary tech products that didn’t exist ten years ago.


All in all, technology has brought us some great products, and hereby, the listed set of tech products has made our lives quite easier and resourceful. Furthermore, tech giants like Pixel Softwares have been successful in bringing us great products and made our life a lot simpler and meaningful! Such innovations have further inspired many to work in this direction and bring such revolutionary tech products.