10 Tips to Write the Best Facebook Ads Ever

With an ideology of connecting people together, Facebook is now one of the most loved social media platforms in the world. According to the market research firm, Statistica, there are over 2.8 billion Facebook users globally, who use this platform to connect with their friends, get insights into what’s happening in the world, and also promote their business. So, if you fall into the third category and use Facebook for business promotions, then, we are here with the Facebook ads tutorial and help you write the best Facebook Ads ever.

What are Facebook Ads?

For those who wonder What are Facebook Ads? Then Facebook Ads presents a way to share one’s business products and services with interested groups and help them generate a business lead against it. While a Sponsored Facebook Ad finds a place among the news feed, on the other hand, the Right-Handed Facebook Ad finds a place in the right column.

How to create Facebook Ads Step by Step?

Facebook Ads are especially created to help businesses connect with their customers more effectively and help them achieve their business goals. However, those who are new to digital advertising often find it challenging to advertise over Facebook. Considering this aspect, here we have presented a Facebook Ads tutorial that presents, how to create Facebook ads step by step.

Visit your Business Page

To begin with, simply visit your business page and hit the “Promote” button, present over the bottom left of your Facebook business page.

Choose a Goal

Once your click, the “Promote Button”, a screen will appear that would show different categories of business goals. Among these categories, you may choose the one that is applicable in your case. For example, if you are into a Jewelry Business and you want more people to check out your jewelry designs, then you may choose “Get More Website Visitors”.

Add an Image and Text for You Ad

After choosing your business goal, you will be shown a window that would ask you to add an image and text for your Ad. Hereby, you will get some suggestions from Facebook itself, but you might choose the one, that suits you the best. For example, if you have been creating an Ad for your latest jewelry design, then you may place the jewelry image and a catchy text to describe your product.

Create Your Audience

Next, you will be required to create your audience. This means choosing the people who will be influenced the most by your advertisement. For example, if you are into the jewelry business, then you might choose the women between the age group 18 to 40 or you might choose people from your city only or anything that suits you.

Choose Your Budget and Duration

Now you need to choose your budget and the duration for which you want your Ad to stay active over Facebook. Against, every combination that you make for budget and duration, you will get an estimate of how the Ad will perform over Facebook, and accordingly, you may make a choice.

Wait until the Ad is Approved

Once you are done with the above steps, you may hit the “Promote” button, upon which Facebook reviews the Ad and publishes it straight away, if it does not violate any of its policies.

What are the 10 Tips to Write the Best Facebook Ads Ever?

By now, you would have understood, What is Facebook Ad? How to create Facebook Ads Step-by-Step? Now, taking this ahead, we will talk about the 10 tips to write the best Facebook Ads Ever.

Narrow Your Audience

Instead of advertising for the entire audience, you should specifically target people who are actually interested in it. For example, if have been offering IT services in Singapore, then you may target businesses in Singapore as your customers specifically.

Create Ads for Specific Audience

If you are into a retail business and have been selling sports wellness products for men and women, then instead of creating a common advertisement for both the groups, create it separately for both categories.

Align your Ad’s Image with the Text

Many a time, it happens that you put an image, but it does not go right with the text and vice-versa. Thus, it’s important to align the Ad’s image with the text.

Don’t forget to add a Call-to-Action Button

Ensure that your Facebook Ad do carries a Call-to-Action button. It is because if an Ad appears good, but, does not have a “Call-to-Action” button, then it would confuse the users, over where would they click to get their inquiry addressed.

Keep your Ad Short and Catchy

None of the readers would like to go through a long expert to understand, what it’s all about. Hereby, it’s important to keep the Ad short and catchy.

Write clear and concise

No matter, how vast is your vocabulary, but, while creating a Facebook Ad, one must ensure that the advertisement language is simple and easy to understand for people of all educational levels. The advertisement should clearly state, what is it about, For whom it is, and How it will benefit them.

Highlight the Figures and Stats

People look for something that appeals to them. Hereby, you can add the numbers and figures in your advertisement, so as to make it appear clear and trustworthy.

Take Assitance from an Expert

Hire a social media expert, to take care of your Facebook Ads. These experts can help you make the right move at the time, which we further discussed in our previous post on 5 Social Media Tips that are beneficial for Every Business.

Track the Performance of Your Facebook Ad

Another important thing that you can do here is run two ads with the same image, but different text simultaneously, and track their individual performance. This way of testing would allow you to understand what is good for you.

Use Facebook Ads Manager App

Since mobile apps appear more handy and convenient for use, thereby, you may use a Facebook Ads Manager App. This app allows the sales team to create and manage their Facebook ads via a mobile application itself.


Since nearly half of the global population is active over Facebook, it is thereby a great platform for carrying out business promotion activities and engage users accordingly. It can bring great results for your business, provided that you follow the right social media marketing tips and seek assistance from the best social media experts.