12 Website Design And Development Best Practices For 2021

In this global space, if you simply think having an online presence can do up things for you, then, you might be wrong! You need to have a more interactive, user-friendly, appealing, and informative interface called a business website. Hereby, we will be talking about the twelve website design and development practices that will rule the market in 2021. In addition to this, we will be talking about some of the best website development companies in Singapore that can offer you the best website development services.

Why Website Design and Development Process so important?

If we talk about why website development is important from the client-side, then, they believe that if a website design is appealing and great graphics are used, then, it’s certain to receive great traffic over the website. But, there is no magic involved here, a website development process is only successful when the required SEO is done over the website. Additionally, all the webpages, graphics, and tags have to be optimized to boost the website’s performance and make it worthwhile. Taking this into consideration, we will be now talking about the top twelve website design and development practices in the next section.

Optimize Website Loading Speed

Nobody likes to wait longer and hereby, it’s important to optimize the webpages such that users with the slowest internet connection find it easy to access your website. Hereby, you might be wondering, how to increase the website loading speed? Well, here one can run a website speed check from tools like Pingdom, PageSpeed Insights, and similar. Based on the speed test results, one can improve the areas that need attention.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

In this mobile-first world, it has now become important to make your website mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly websites not only make it easier for the users to access the website from all parts of the world but also makes it possible for the developers to get more website traffic.

Make Website Trackable

In the way examinations are important to evaluate the learning aptitude of the students, similarly, analytics is important to check the website performance. Thus, the final website design must make it possible to define goals, monitor website traffic, and check the conversation rate.

Make Website SEO Friendly

Clients believe that it’s the appealing website graphics and catchy content, that makes the website successful. But, this is not how the website development process works! At the back-end of the website development process, there is a developer, who takes care of SEO and aims to make the website SEO friendly.

Back-End Content Management System (CMS)

Some believe that once you are done with the website, you needn’t worry any further about it. However, this is not true, one needs to revamp a website and update it from time-to-time, with fresh content, graphics, and more. These changes not only captivates the users but also improves the website engagement rate. Thus, one can enable a back-end CMS over the website to facilitate content upgradations from time-to-time.

Optimize your conversations

Other than choosing tempting website design templates, one has to make sure that under the website development services, the website has been structured in such a way that the visitors keep moving from one page to another and accordingly, either raise an inquiry or go through your web content.

Go for Email Marketing

Yes, you read it right, Email marketing is still one of the existing things in the business world. Hereby, what one can do is sync the website’s email capture form with the client’s email system. This would ensure a seamless experience for the clients and businesses simultaneously.

Ingrain Social Media Platforms

Today, social media platforms are quite prominent in all aspects of our lives. It is thereby important for the website developers to ingrain social media platforms over the website. This would make it easier for the visitors to get to your social media page from the website itself.

Keep Your Website Secure

No matter, what’s the situation, one must never compromise with Website Security. Thus, the website design must have the applicable privacy protocols, frequent website security checks, and offer a safer experience to the visitors.

Create progressive web applications

While many believe that mobile apps and web apps are the same things, but this is not true. Unlike mobile apps that occupy hardware space in the mobile device, web apps can be accessed from any device, provided that it has a stable internet connection. Thus, web designers can go for web app development services.

Artificial Intelligence-enabled website

Artificial intelligence is no more confined to something imaginative, it’s now ingrained into the websites and offers a great website user experience to the visitors. Thereby, website designs can be based on AI principles, which would make the website more efficient.

Do not forget to include Meta-Tags

Meta tags are the information about your website, which tells the search engine, how your website should be displayed in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). As per some of the best website development companies in Singapore, meta-tags play an important role in improving the search engine ranking for your website and improve the customer engagement rate, if the tags are used correctly.


Today, websites are important for all businesses of all sizes and domains. While some are able to taste success quite early, others are unable to taste it for years. However, it does not matter, which of these categories, you belong to, this blog post accounts for the twelve website design and development practices that would rule the market in 2021 and further. One may follow these practices and observe great results across their business domain. Furthermore, one can now find some of the best website development companies in Singapore, that offer the best website development services and helps businesses boost their online presence, improve customer engagement rate, increase website traffic and grow their business. Other than this, there are top 8 options for website hosting services, which can further guide the developers and businesses in making the right choice.