15 Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing Every Business Should Know

Growing a brand is one of the most important marketing goals of every business. For achieving this, one tries every possible thing, such as chasing customers, mounting banners and advertisements across all regions of the country, cold-calling customers, and beyond. However, these modes of marketing are not very effective these days, one needs to implement better methods, such as Social Media Marketing. Taking this discussion ahead, here we will be talking about the 15 important benefits of the social media marketing that every business should know. These social media advantages will further help the sales team in understanding social media marketing from the very core and make the best use of it.

Brand Recognition

Over the years, the shopping habits of people have changed drastically. But amidst this, there is one thing that has not changed. Even today people make a purchase for a brand, which they recognize and could relate to! For example, people still prefer to make a purchase for a “Maggie branded Noodles” ; rather than something which they do not recognize. Hereby, social media marketing plays an important role and helps a brand make a public identity.

Make your Brand Speak for Itself

While it’s important to make your brand interactive and appealing, it’s even more important to generate conversations around your brand with a well-defined social media marketing strategy. For example, instead of directly promoting your brand, you may promote a product or service that the customer loves the most.

Understanding social media marketing via social listening

Social Listening is all about analyzing digital conversations, so as to understand, what people are saying about a brand. This allows the social media marketer to understand the customer concerns and accordingly create a strong social media marketing strategy.

Narrate your brand story

Remember the times when our grandma used to narrate bedtime stories and used to get completely engrossed in these stories! One can thereby use a similar technique while framing out the social media marketing strategy. This would allow us to engage more people and grow our brand.

Keep a check over the social media insights

Besides social listening, there is another similar term called “Audience Research”. It is all about analyzing what do people mostly search over the social media platforms and accordingly helps one to frame their social media marketing strategy. For this, one can check out the social media insights over Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and others, over which they have a business profile.

Address your customer concerns via social media

Nearly, half of the world’s population is now active on social media and here they wish companies to address their concerns and requests via social media. Thus, a unique social media marketing strategy involves addressing customer concerns straight from a platform, where they spend most of their time, such as social media pages.

Focus on Building Brand Loyalty

Isn’t that great if someone says to you that you can build brand loyalty for free? Well, surely, it’s a great thing to have and one can achieve this by making the customers get in love with your brand. For example, one can offer promo codes to social media users, organize giveaways and other such activities, that will definitely make your social media marketing strategy work for you.

Helps you direct good traffic to your website

While it is important to understand that not all website traffic comes from the search engine, an ample amount of traffic may come from social media. Thus, one can bring more traffic to the website through social media.

Assists you in improving your SEO

You might have noticed that when we search for something over the search engine, then, it sometimes shows us social media links. Thus, you can improve the SEO of your website, by writing quality posts over social media and including a link for the same.

Promote Your Business for Free

Today, there are social media ad campaigns available for different budgets, one can still run most of their business promotion campaigns for free. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and others allow their users to post and converse with the customers for free.

Run a repetitive advertising campaign

When you post an advertisement, then initially only 2 percent of users see it. However, when you repost your advertisement, called “retargeting advertisement” then, it impacts the left 98 percent of the users. Under this advertising campaign, a list of people who often use your social media page is prepared. Now, whenever these users visit a social media page, then, it displays your advertisement.

Make your Ad Go Viral

You all would have heard about viral ads. These ads tempt people to check it out in all situations and thereby helps the advertisers to gain more views and converts. Thus, what you can do here is use the right hashtags that would help one reach the interest groups more easily and observe a significant growth in the number of visitors.

Keep Your Customers Updated

For achieving success in business promotion, one needs to have a strong social media marketing strategy. For instance, one can use social media platforms for updating the customers about their products and services.

Target the Interested People Only

Not every social media user might be interested in your product or service. You need to sort the interested customers and promote your business among them for achieving the desired results. This can be done by using the right “#” hashtags.

Monitor your social media marketing efforts

Everything around us serves a unique purpose. Thus, one must ensure that their efforts bring them great results. For tracking the progress, one can use social media analytics for each social media platform and accordingly plan their social media marketing strategy.


In order to reach the intended audience, one needs to have a strong social media marketing strategy. This would allow one to make a strong impact on the interest groups and engage more visitors to their social media profile and business website. Hereby, there are some great social media marketing companies in Singapore that can simplify the social media marketing process, and further, one can keep a check over some of the best social media tips to leverage the desired results.