3 Business Networking Ideas You Need to Know

If something has been refraining you from establishing good relationships with your business networks, then you need to revise your existing business networking policies and adapt to some of the better ways to get your business noticed by more people and grow accordingly. Likewise, you can automate your conversation with your clients via chatbots, share the latest updates in your business offerings with them on a more regular basis, seek feedback from them on your existing services, ask for best recommendations and converse with them on a more frequent basis.

However, the majority of business professionals remain uncertain about the approach that they must follow to grow their business network, and in this frame, here we will be citing the five business networking ideas to help you grow your business. In addition to this, here we will be discussing some of the best technology consultants in Singapore that would help you in this domain.

What do we mean by Business Networking?

Business Networking might seem to you as growing your business contacts, but, it’s not confined till here, it involves strengthening the relationship further and nourishing it from time to time. However, business professionals find it way too difficult to keep up with their relationships with each of their clients with whom they meet, and in this regard, they look for a more convenient and organized way of business networking. It is thereby the art of developing business contacts and staying connected with them for a longer period of time.

What are the best Business Networking Ideas?

Next, when it comes to talking about the best business networking ideas, then, there are five standard forms of networking that are defined by the business experts, which acts as the guiding principles for exchanging business information, ideas, and contacts.

Digital Vcards

Managing business cards may become a very difficult thing for business professionals, as one cannot carry more than a limited number of business cards along with them, and sharing them with other contacts may seem to be very difficult. It is thereby, better to prefer a business card sharing app, like Bizcard, which simplifies business networking in the following ways:-

  • Sharability- Bizcard App offers a great business card sharing platform, which makes it easy for business professionals to create and share their business contacts digitally via the App-to-App interface and App-to-text interface. This means that even if the recipient is not having Bizcard App installed on their phones, then also, they can receive the business card as a text message from the sender.
  • Scannability- Bizcard App comes equipped with an in-built business card scanner. This in-built business card scanner intelligently identifies and extracts the details from a physical business card and fills it automatically into the filling spaces, such as the name, business address, contact details, business products and services being offered. Thereby, it saves plenty of time and is more resourceful.
  • Effectivity- One could add personal notes to the Bizcard profiles, link their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, add tags, and business products and services. Therefore, it enhances the overall effectiveness of the business card profile and helps businesses gain more insights.
  • Authenticity- In order to ensure that users get a genuine business card sharing experience over the Bizcard App, all the user profiles are cross-verified, and only genuine users are allowed to use this business card sharing platform.
  • Feasibility-Another exciting feature of the Bizcard App is that it lets the users create their own business cards. They can pick across any of the 14 available template designs and accordingly give their business card a fresh look. Furthermore, the details over the digital business card are editable, and easily accessible, which not only saves the cost of getting the business cards printed but, also proves out to be a good initiative in protecting the environment.
  • Chatbots

    Since being 24/7 active is not a good option, neither, economically nor practically. But, since it may happen that one of your clients, may come up with an inquiry at any time of the day and it thereby may become very important for you to communicate. In this scenario, if you do not respond within the applicable time, then, you might lose one of your possible leads. It is thereby important to implement a more convenient and resourceful technique to converse with the customers, like, by using a chatbot. Taking this further, the following are some of the great benefits of chatbots, which makes it essential for today’s businesses regardless of their size and type to look for some of the best chatbot development companies in Singapore:-

  • Convenient- Once programmed, chatbots, which works on the principles of Artificial Intelligence are able to learn on its own and address queries in a better way. This is why for establishing smart conversations with your clients, you can avail chatbot development services from some of the best chatbot development companies in Singapore.
  • Feasible and accurate- Next, the chatbots are quite feasible in regards to operations, as you need not hire a customer service team, it can be easily accomplished by the chatbots developed by some of the best chatbot development companies in Singapore.
  • Social Media

    In this world of 7.6 billion people, more than half of them are active over social media channels, thereby, it’s very important for the business professions to be active over these platforms and converse with the clients, but, at times due to lack of expertise on social media usage, one fails to grow a strong business network, In this frame, there are some of the best social media marketing companies in Singapore, which offers social media marketing services in Singapore to help the business professionals grow their business network.


    Be it related to conversing with the clients, addressing their inquiries, or growing a business network, one can seek assistance from some of the best business networking companies in Singapore, like Pixel Softwares, which can assist with social media marketing services, digital marketing services, chatbot development services and much more to take your conversation to the next level in this business world.