3 Technologies to Consider in 2020

The year 2020 might be remembered as a dark period for the human race due to a series of unexpected events like the global spread of COVID-19, where millions of people lost their lives, the global economy hit the lowest mark in the history, and healthcare professionals struggling to save the lives of millions. But, amidst this, one of the biggest concerns for almost all the businesses across all the domains is restoring back to the normal and in this frame, they remain quite confused about the technology worth investing. Taking this forward, let’s talk about the three technologies to consider in the year 2020. Further, let’s talk about some of the best technology consultants in Singapore.

Artificial Intelligence

Among all the available technologies, one cannot deny the fact that Artificial Intelligence is one of the most reliable technologies of all times that holds significant potential to make a positive change across the applicable areas like healthcare, gaming, education, manufacturing, or others. Thereby, for those who have been looking for investing in one of the most promising technologies, AI is the option! Further, here are some of the important traits that are traceable in the AI-powered machines, which eventually makes it very important for today’s businesses to seek Artificial Intelligence Services in Singapore from some of the best Artificial Intelligence companies in Singapore.


Similar to the human brain that works on a basic concept of “learn and act”, AI-powered machines are great learners, that learn from the surroundings, the past acts, and accordingly plan out future actions.


Besides the goal setting, it is important to know the path to be traced to reach the destination! Thus, planning is very important to get things done in the right way and at the right time. AI-powered machines are made to plan out the things the way humans do and in some cases, they plan out better than humans, by keeping a track of a number of factors that even humans miss out sometimes. This is why availing Artificial Intelligence Services in Singapore always remains in very high demand.

Speech recognition

AI-powered machines have introduced the ability to recognize the voice of the users. These smart machines are able to figure out the difference between the voices and act accordingly. Apple's voice-controlled personal assistant, Siri is one of the best examples that we can check out. Further, it’s worth mentioning that this area has been finding greater applications of AI and this is why the demand for seeking Artificial Intelligence Services in Singapore is increasing.

Cloud Technology

In this growing popularity of work-from-home culture, there is one promising technology called Cloud Technology that has been playing an imperative role in making it work! This year, it’s certain that Cloud technology would find more applications across different domains. Below are some of the interesting features of Cloud Technology, that highlights the importance of seeking Cloud Services in Singapore.


You all might have experienced that you miss an important file and lost access to any of your resources. However, availing Cloud Services in Singapore, you can have a better interface for data backup and recovery.

Better Productivity

On-site datacenters involve a lot of IT management chores, which are time-consuming. One needs to take care of the software patching and hardware setup. But, with the help of cloud computing, all these processes can be optimized, therefore, IT teams would be able to spend more time accomplishing more important business tasks.

Remote access from any location

Next, by availing Cloud Services in Singapore, one would be able to easily access the IT resources in the right amount such as storage, computing power, and bandwidth from any geographic location.

Augmented Reality

No doubt, mobile app development services in Singapore has always remained among the top demands! However, this year, it’s better to focus more on a more user-friendly, more organized, and more convenient option than the websites and something that is more convincing in comparison to regular mobile app development services. Below are some of the best reasons why you need to avail Augmented Reality App Development Services in Singapore this year.


For achieving a better customer base you might have tried every possible technique and might have found it quite challenging to achieve the desired results. In this frame, seeking Augmented Reality App Development Services, you would be able to deliver an immersive experience to your users, which overall proves out to be very effective and it is so far one of the best suitable options to choose from.

Effective and Feasible

The next important benefit associated with Augmented Reality App Development Services, besides engaging more customers, is assured feasibility, effectiveness, and immersive experience to the users. Thereby, by seeking Augmented Reality Services in Singapore, you would be able to conduct effective business promotion and marketing.

Improves the overall presentability

Another interesting thing about seeking Augmented Reality App Development Services is the “Virtual Try-On” feature that lets the customers explore all the dimensions of the product, before making the actual purchase, which eventually builds trust among the customers and improves the overall brand value.


All in all, we all might be looking for something that would help us restore our profits in the business, and in this frame, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Technology, and Augmented Reality emerges as one of the best options to consider this year! These technologies besides promising better results across all the business domains like improving interaction with the customers, boosting overall productivity, improving the customer experience, and others, appears to be offering long-term benefits. However, it is very important for business professionals to ensure that they get the right guidance from the right source, and in this frame, one can find some of the best technology consultants in Singapore. Likewise, for those who have been looking for some of the best Artificial Intelligence Services in Singapore, Augmented Reality App Development Companies in Singapore and Cloud Services in Singapore, Pixel Softwares emerges as one of the best options to choose from! We further hope the year 2020 passes by smoothly and the human lives are restored to the normal soon.