5 Essential Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing

Do you know, over 59 percent of sectors in the world have completely digitalized and 20 percent of the remaining 41 percent have been partially digitalized, which are further expected to be fully digitalized by 2025? Isn’t that something very interesting about digitalization? Now, you might be wondering, why there is so much hype for digitalization? Why every industry has been focussing on digitalization? How Digitalization benefits such organizations? Well, questions are endless and we are here with some of the best reasons why availing Digital Marketing Services important for today’s businesses and further talk about why your business needs to consider digital marketing for business promotion and marketing.

How Digital Marketing has Evolved?

Over the years, renowned businesses have welcomed digital marketing for business promotion, customer engagement, and enhancing brand awareness at a faster rate, the reason being cost-effectiveness, better outreach, and faster results. Digital marketing has emerged as one step ahead of traditional marketing, where the sales professionals had to walk door-to-door for business promotion and chase customers for market sales. It has given a more organized and effective medium for marketing, with the use of digital media platforms, and has given birth to plenty of options to choose from for accomplishing the everyday business operations. From digitalizing the manufacturing process to improving the way one used to launch a product across the market, everything has been going this transitional phase. Further, the rate of digitalization, which is as discussed in the above context, depicts the potential of digitalization across different sectors, and thereby, it becomes important for every business to consider it across their business domain (Source: Global Digitalization Index 2019). Taking this discussion further, let’s talk about the five essential reasons why your business needs digital marketing services.

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Today’s Business?

Beginning with a discussion on what is digital marketing, then, in the most simpler terms, it is defined as the process of advertising the product and the services via digital channels such as social media, websites, mobile apps, social media, search engines, and email. It makes it possible for businesses to reach more people with a single click and less hustle with the power of the internet. Moving ahead with this, let’s find out how digital marketing services are important for today’s business.

Quick Processing

No matter, how big is your target group, with digital marketing, one can share ample information about their business, business offerings, promotional offers, and others with more accuracy and less processing time. Thereby, with digitalization, data processing, transfer, or information exchange, can be fastened and improved to a great extent.


Unlike the traditional methods, where a salesperson needs to identify potential customers by meeting them in-person and generate leads, digital marketing enables these sales professionals to identify potential customers via data analysis from plenty of resources. It thereby procures more accurate results, in a short span of time, without leaving any possibility for an occurrence of errors at any stage. In addition to this, errors like a mismatch between the true value and calculated value can be avoided and in a similar way, one can conduct better market research.

Better Customer Engagement

Next on the list, we have another benefit associated with digital marketing, which makes it far better than the outdated traditional marketing. Unlike traditional marketing that primarily focuses on filed marketing, involving running behind the customers to make a successful sale of their products, digital marketing makes it possible for the marketing team to promote their business in a more simplified and effective manner. Likewise, with digital marketing, one can reach a wider audience, without any kind of restrictions via digital channels, that overall proves out to be more feasible, effective, and resourceful. Other than this, employing digital marketing strategies like PPC advertising campaigns, Social Media Marketing, and others play a very important role in engaging more customers over the globe.

Better Interaction with Customers

No matter, how often one runs behind the customers for promoting their business, they generally fail to develop long-term relationships with the customers. This interaction between business professionals and customers is thereby quite challenging to develop with the traditional methods. However, with digital marketing, this is the most possible thing, as the users are able to share their issues on a more frequent basis and the digital marketers are able to address those issues and prepare an action plan for the received feedback from the customers easily. Furthermore, social media channels act as a great platform for interacting with a large number of people and generate more leads accordingly. Under Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing is one of the fastest-growing and emerging areas that target over 2.95 billion people around the world, where digital marketers promote the business more effectively (Source: Statistica Social Media User Report 2019). In addition to this, using digital marketing channels, allows business professionals to exchange information more efficiently and effectively, via digital communication tools like Chatbots, which automates the conversation with the customers and bring more accuracy in the process.

Reduces Marketing Cost and brings Feasibility

If you role down over the business running cost, then, you all would be amazed to know that over 40 percent of the budget is to be allocated for marketing and promotion. Likewise, there are some businesses where marketing cost is even higher than the 40 percent of the entire budget. Now since, business promotion and marketing, cannot be taken for granted, as it creates the sole purpose of bringing your business accessible to people and helps you create a brand value among the people, thereby, all that we need is a better technique for business promotion, which is not only cost-effective but, it is also effective. Considering this fact, digital marketing emerges as a great option and the best choice for today’s businesses, which eventually, reduces the promotional cost and brings more effectiveness into the system. Digital Marketing, comes out to be a more feasible and cost-effective option in comparison to any other method, which makes it a great area to invest and reap the benefits on a long-term basis.

5 Digital Marketing Facts

We are pretty sure, by now you would have realized, how important digital marketing can be for your business, and must be interested to know more about it! So, here we are with 5 Digital Marketing Facts to amaze you!

  • On an average, a consumer spends the first 8 seconds to understand whether he would go through the content or not, so one needs to make their content impressive.
  • Infographics contents that are shared over the social media platforms gain 3 times more views than other forms of content.
  • Advertising marketing campaigns like PPC can increase brand awareness by 80% and drive website traffic by 300%
  • Besides keeping the title catchy, it is advisable to be of 6-13 word length (This Blog Title is of 8-word length, maybe, that’s why you are here).
  • According to 65 percent of Marketers, Link-Building is the most challenging part of SEO. This is why there is always a lookout for best SEO Services for Websites across the world.
  • Aren’t these interesting? Surely it is and that’s the reason why it is advised to approach Digital marketing agencies for seeking digital marketing services. Further, if one is looking for Digital Marketing Services Provider in Singapore, then there are some of the best digital marketing services in Singapore to choose from.


    In a world that is digitally transforming, digital channels like social media, emails, and other digital mediums are getting widely adopted by the industries across all the domains. This new way of interacting with people is rapidly evolving and replacing traditional methods. With this inclination towards digital marketing, more and more businesses are not welcoming this field and hiring digital marketers for promoting their business. Additionally, the digitalization of the industries has given birth to plenty of options to choose from for accomplishing everyday business operations. From digitalizing the manufacturing process to improving the way one used to launch a product across the market, everything has been going this transitional phase. It has made business operations more efficient, accessible, and approachable. Thereby, it’s essential to welcome digitalization across your business domain and we are here with some of the best digital marketing experts to assist you with all that you need and help you with the transitional shift from traditional to digital platforms at the best possible price.