5 Important Business Applications of AR/VR

Over the years, a lot of technological transformations have been observed across all the areas. Be it related to the banking methods or the way people used to play video games, a lot of things have changed and have been changing rapidly. Of all these technological transformations that have taken place, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the two most interesting technologies that have together taken up great space and are being welcomed by all major sectors such as business, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, and tourism. It is all due to this reason, the majority of the businesses have been investing in these two technologies and likewise, they have been seeking Augmented reality development services from some of the best developers.

Taking this discussion further, here we will be talking about the five important applications of virtual reality and augmented reality and would find how these two technologies together help a business grow!

What is Virtual Reality?

While, Virtual Reality (VR) has been around from the past several years, but, most of the people do not recognize its true significance due to unclarity about its true meaning. So, before we advance our discussion on the applications of VR, let’s understand what it is! VR is a computer-simulated reality, that places the user into an entirely different space, which is called the virtual world. There are some of the devices that are commonly used by the people, who want to experience virtual reality such as the Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs), wide screens, and surround sound.

Business Applications of Virtual Reality

There are several areas where Virtual Reality is being used such as hospitality, tourism, entertainment, and traveling. For instance, Virtual Reality lets the users explore places, where he hasn’t ever been. This lets the user decide whether he should visit the place in person or not. Furthermore, for the gamers, VR is a blessing that allows them to connect with the gaming characters comprehensively and feel as if they are actually the part of that gaming world.


A well-trained employee can surely be one of the most important assets of the company, thereby, every company must ensure that the training sessions are highly effective and in this frame, VR-based employee training can play an important role.


Every gamer wishes to associate themselves with the gaming environment and experience the game from the very core. Considering that, game developers are now focusing on enhancing the gaming experience of the users, and for this, they have been investing heavily in VR technology.


Next, if we talk about the retail industry, then, customers prefer to have something that is well presented to them, and likewise, a VR-driven framework can be employed, which enhances the user experience and keeps them engaged.


Do you know what interests the learners the most? Well, they look for something that is very interactive and something with which they could relate. Considering that academicians are now focussing on bringing VR-based learning sessions for enhancing the learning experience of the learners.

Tourism and Hospitality

Today, we have an option to explore places, explore accommodation spaces, and much more with the help of Virtual Reality (VR), which not only enhances the overall experience of the users but also, reduces the overall operating cost.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality has been derived from two words, “Augment”, which means “to enhance” or “to add something” and “Reality” which means to make something alive. It together means enhancing something by adding details to it. Further, it works similar to the way the toppings over a pizza base, makes it more delicious for the pizza lovers, in a similar way, Augmented reality overlays a digitally-created content over the top of the real-world objects, so as to give the viewers an entirely different experience. AR can be experienced by users with the help of headsets like video cameras or Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Business Applications of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality lets the users experience real-world objects from a detailed perspective. Today, it is one of the best areas to invest and there are some of the most versatile sectors that have been adapting to the AR-based solutions. Here the top five applications of Augmented Reality, that would leave you amazed.


Retailers across the world remain worried about their market sales and find it more disappointing when the users ask for a return for a product for which they had paid before. In this frame, AR technology plays a very important role as it boosts market sales and reduces product return cases. For this, the AR-based apps are used that offer virtual fitting rooms to the customers, where they can try a product and make their purchases. It is thereby advisable for the retailers who have been facing the same issues to seek Augmented Reality App development services.


Ever since AR technology entered the finance sector, every financial institution began exploring its use case for enhancing their existing services. Likewise, the Development Bank of Singapore, which is one of the largest Singaporean banks introduced its most awaited AR-based banking app for facilitating virtual walk-ins for the customers in the banks from their smartphones and experience banking from their own place. It further marks the significance of seeking Augmented Reality App development services.


Do you know millions of people scroll across the digital content on a daily basis and with this, they expect to have a better experience every time? In this frame, AR can prove out to be solving all the problems faced by the people and offering them the recommendations that they wish to see. AR Development Services offer personalized content to users based on their activity and website behavior. Other than this, Augmented Reality App development services assists in framing advertisements and the development of film trailers and thereby plays an important role in the entertainment industry.

Gaming and stimulating activities

Gaming Industry which is yet to see the biggest revolutions is estimated to grow by 256 Billion USD by 2025, with AR occupying nearly 40 percent of all the gaming domains (Global Gaming Market Survey,2019) The impact of AR across the gaming industry can be embraced by analyzing the hype gained by the AR-based game, Pokemon Go, which attracted millions of gamers worldwide and marks the rise in demand for the AR Development Services.

Travel and Tourism

For the tour planners, Augmented Reality has offered them more innovative solutions to promote their accommodation space and hotels by seeking Augmented Reality App development services. AR-based apps offer great customization for their rooms and help them in their hotel booking process. Other than this, AR-based apps help travel buffs to explore new places with an entirely different experience. It thereby makes it easier for the professionals for the hospitality industry to offer a great experience to the travelers at a very low cost.


Overall, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are entirely two different concepts that let the viewers experience two entirely different worlds. While Virtual Reality, virtually immerses the users into an entirely different world completely. On the other hand, Augmented Reality enhances the user’s physical world experience by adding digital details to physical objects such as sound, graphics, texts, etc. Further, it would be unfair to judge which one is better, as both are having their own significance. Further, for those who have been looking for Augmented Reality Services in Singapore, then, there are some of the best Augmented reality Developers in Singapore to choose from! The AR app developers very well understand the potential of AR-based applications and know, how Augmented Reality can be brought into your business. So, to empower your business and get it to achieve the highest mark, it is very important in investing in the right technology and at the right time. Likewise, when these two technologies are collectively used, then the overall experience of the user is enhanced and eventually business will grow.