5 Important FAQs for Mobile App Development

Talking about the most recent times, smartphones have immensely ingrained into our lives. We use it beyond calling and messaging, likewise, these are used for ordering meals, shopping online, scrolling across the news headlines, and much more. So, one thing is pretty sure, mobile apps that account for so many tasks, act as a fuel to the smartphones that eventually make it smart and highly useful. However, most of you might have certain questions about the mobile app development process and might be wondering how these apps come into your smartphones then, you need not worry anymore and needn’t look any further. Here in this context, we will be answering the five important Frequently Asked Questions, pertaining to Mobile App Development Process.

What are Mobile Applications?

There has been a long term debate on what are the mobile applications? Whether it’s a software application or something else? Well, a mobile application is computer software or a computer program that is used to accomplish a certain purpose and runs over a wide range of mobile devices such as a smartphone, tablet, or a smartwatch, which eventually runs on an Operating Platform that can be Android, iOS or windows.

Why do we need a Mobile Application?

The next question that comes into consideration is why do we need to have mobile applications? Why are they so important? So, consider a situation, when you are stuck in midway and want to go further, but, you do not find any means of transportation. Now in such a situation, what you will do? We are pretty sure that you would call any of your friends and ask for help, but, how if you have an application in your phone that shows up the available cabs in your vicinity and lets you book a ride with them? Wouldn’t that be quite convenient? Surely it is and there are many such examples that explain how important mobile applications can be for us.

What are the different types of mobile applications?

Mobile apps are generally classified based on their purpose and functionality. Likewise, we have On-demand mobile applications that assist with on-demand services like online meal ordering apps and others; then we have Hybrid Apps that have the same UI when accessed via mobile app or website, then there are platform-based apps like Android App and iOS apps.

How mobile apps can help in the growth of businesses?

Mobile apps can be very helpful in accelerating the growth of businesses. Likewise, it can help them to stay connected with all their customers 24/7 and address them effectively. In addition to this, it lets them run their business all times a day and thereby boost their market sales.

What are the stages that are involved in Mobile App Development Process?

Broadly, there are three important stages that are involved in the mobile application development process, namely, Pre-Planning, where the application concept and scope is defined; Processing, where the application development process takes place and testing is performed at multiple stages; Launch and Marketing, this is the final stage, where the application that is developed is launch and marketed to reach maximum customers.


All the above-discussed FAQs have been framed to get the readers to understand the mobile app development process, its importance, and its significance across all the domains. Further, the Mobile application development market that is estimated to be worth 407 Billion USD by 2026, is expected to bring more opportunities in this field, and accordingly, some of the best mobile app development companies would find more space to bring more innovations across the domain (Source: Allied Market Research Report 2019).