5 Important methods of improving IT security

In a broader sense, an organization collects data from multiple sources. This data is processed and stored to meed the purpose. Now, how if this data gets leaked? How if an unauthorized person gets access to the data? Certainly, it will put not only the organization under trouble but will also put the users’ under huge risk! This data may include passwords, log files, login credentials, and other important stuff! That’s the reason why securing data and other credentials hold so much importance and become a necessity. Taking this discussion further, let’s talk about the five important methods of improving IT security.

Why IT security is important and what are the methods of securing it?

IT securing in the most general terms is defined as the act of securing sensitive and confidential information from unauthorized access. It involves securing data such as personal information, intellectual property, financial or payment credentials, and others.


The very first thing that hits into the mind is “Authentication”, which makes sure that the right person gets the right access at the right time. Authentication technology involves verification of the user against the input made by them in the form of a PIN, fingerprint impression, pattern, and other.

Access control

Next, we have access control, which monitors whom to give access and the extent. There are further, three access modes available, namely discretionary access control, Role-based access control, mandatory access control, from which one can pick, based on their requirements.


Moving ahead to this, we have Encrypting all the important data, which can be done by the help of data encryption softwares that encrypts the normal text into encrypted ciphertext, that are not easy to crack. The data can be decrypted only for the authorized person, using the authentication key, and thereby keeps it safe from unauthorized access.

Data Masking

If we talk about a more advanced form of data encryption, then we have the Data Masking method available, which converts the normal text into proxy characters. This data is thereby stored in a hidden form and can only be unmasked by the authorized personnel using the authentication key.

Backup and Update

For those who are confused about why updating softwares is important, let us tell you system updates are essential for keeping the system secured against the security threats and data thefts, and thereby, it is essential to keep the system updated under all circumstances. Other than this, in order to handle situations like corrupted files, data breaches, and lost access to the important files, it’s very important to keep a backup of all the essential data files.


Next important reason why IT security matters is that there have been a total of 300 data breaches across the world in the past 10 years and resulted in the theft of more than 100,000 records (Forbes Data Breach Report, 2019).It is thereby essential to keep the data safe and secure under all circumstances and for this, there are some of the best data security services providing companies that have been providing the best data security methods.