5 Real Life Use Cases of Virtual Reality

Do you know what do we exactly mean by the term “technology”? Well, “technology” is generally regarded as those transformations that are meant to improve our ways and the methods to handle things. Technology is involved in all the segments, which has not only made our lives simpler but has also provided us more self-time to chase our dreams and explore the passion. However, in the pursuit of finding the best methods across all the things that we do, Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the best things that is discovered by mankind.

From acting as an important driver in the entertainment industry to employee training, VR has come up to meet the expectations of all. Taking this further, here we will be talking about the true meaning of Virtual Reality, it’s working, its real-life use cases across the five major sectors, and some of the best VR consulting service providers in Singapore.

What is Virtual Reality?

Before we talk about the best VR consulting service providers in Singapore, let’s have a discussion on the true meaning of “Virtual Reality”. Well, the meaning of Virtual Reality lies in the name itself, it is an entry into a world that does not exist, i.e. a virtual world. Thereby, we can say that it is a gateway to a virtual world in which the viewer is exposed to experience beyond the real space like visual arts, sounds, and animation by the use of computer technology to create this simulated environment. However, one cannot experience such simulations without considering the VR devices, and thereby, one needs to have several means by which one can experience virtual reality such as Virtual Reality Headsets (VRH), Head Mounted Displays (HMDs), and others.

How Virtual Reality works?

By now, you all would have understood, what exactly do we mean by virtual reality, and now you might be wondering how it exactly works? How do VR service providers in Singapore embrace VR technology across different areas? And similar questions might be running in your mind! Well, the following part discusses the exact working of virtual reality and leaves scope for discussing the real-life use cases of virtual reality.

To begin with, Virtual Reality creates its own virtual space, by making the best use of computer technology. Once, this is done, Virtual Reality puts the users into an entirely different space, with the help of VR-based devices like Hand Held Controller (HHC) and the Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs), that altogether cuts them off from the real world and places them into a different world. This entire concept is called a virtual immersion, where the user is not able to find whether he is in a real-world or a virtual world.

How Virtual reality can be helpful in different industries?

If we talk about the use case of Virtual Reality (VR), then the list is endless. We can find VR based applications used in hospitality, tourism, entertainment, and traveling. For instance, users can explore their favorite places, where he hasn’t ever been. Furthermore, for the gamers, VR is a blessing that allows them to connect with the gaming characters comprehensively and feel as if they are actually a part of that gaming world. Other than these, there are some of the very interesting real-life use cases of Virtual Reality that makes it necessary to seek Virtual Reality Consulting services in Singapore.


Although every business organization spends a substantial amount of energy and time on the employees’ training, this does not necessarily mean that every employee grabs the learnings and the skills which are imparted during the training sessions. To help out with this VR, one can be a very effective technique, which improves the overall involvement of the employee in the training sessions. Thus, by seeking Virtual Reality Consulting services in Singapore, businesses will be able to make the employees understand what will be there job all about, how to do it, and other aspects, by diving into a virtual workplace.


Since we all know that Sales are very important for a business to survive in the market. Therefore, businesses need to have better marketing strategies to promote their products and services to a wider audience and for this promotion, VR is very effective. Consider the case of Japan’s largest airline, All Nippon Airways (ANA), that introduced a virtual reality tour to market their new business class cabin, ‘The Room’ to the travelers. Such examples are now present in every business domain and it signifies the importance of seeking Virtual Reality Consulting services in Singapore for boosting their overall market sales.

Medical Surgeries

Human bodies have critical body organs and need to be handled with the utmost care when these organs stop functioning properly. Therefore, a surgeon needs to practice a number of times before conducting the actual surgeries. So, to make these surgeries easy-to-go and integrate confidence among the surgeons, VR technology is used. Thus for the medical institutions that have been looking for providing VR based training services, it would be a great option to avail the Virtual Reality Consulting services in Singapore


For a game to be successful, it is important to make sure that the players get associated with gameplay. With the help of VR, this is possible as it lets them experience the gameplay from the very core. Virtual Reality Headsets (VRH) and Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) lets the gamers to feel as if they are in the gaming world.


All in all, Virtual Reality lets businesses of all domains to showcase their products and services in a better way, engage more customers, improve the working skills of the employee via VR based training, and bring a great experience to the people. Considering all these aspects, there are some of the best Virtual Reality Consulting service providers in Singapore and to name a few, Pixel Softwares is one such company, that can provide complete assistance in this technology and eventually contribute to the growth of the business.