5 Real-World Applications of Internet of Things

If we talk about some of the best inventions that have ever happened in this tech-savvy society, then, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the one that is worth remembering and considering! While IoT focuses on embracing the power of the internet across physical devices, at the same time, it brings fresh new opportunities to all of us and makes us experience the real potential of the things surrounding us! This concept is so wide and broad that all the tech giants such as Google, Apple, IBM, etc have been shedding billions of dollars for its research. Likewise, driverless cars, smart devices, and multi-facilitated manufacturing operations is no more a dream, the Internet of Things (IoT) has already provided us the right approach for turning this fantasy into reality and taking this discussion ahead, here we will be talking about the five real-world applications of Internet of Things (IoT).

In addition to this, here we will be talking about some of the best IoT consulting companies in Singapore, which are known for their expertise and contribution in this field. This context will be very helpful for fresh entrepreneurs to understand how IoT technologies can impact their business and make it more resourceful and efficient.

What do we mean by the Internet of Things?

With each passing day, we are coming across new technology and with that, a new struggle for finding ways to adapt to that technology starts. Among all of these technologies, there is a vast concept which is connecting all the physical devices which are having an on/off switch to the internet and one another in real-time is called the “Internet of Things”. Thus, “IoT” is a concept that connects various devices together and facilitates effective communication between them. One can find “IoT” in voice assistants, driverless cars, and many others.

How does the Internet of Things work?

The convergence of several technologies has made the Internet of Things a reality. Here in this phrase, we have used the word “things” which signifies that every device or an object that is embedded with an electronic system can be made to transfer the data without human intervention. Based on the data provided by these devices, future actions are taken and in this way, the devices work smartly together to get the task done in the best way. Now to understand the working of IoT and further understand why do IoT companies in Singapore remains among the top-notch choices of all, let’s consider the following example.

Consider an automobile manufacturing company, whereby the manufacturer has to carry out multiple operations like the production, assembling, polishing, etc. Now each of these operations requires the transportation of goods and raw materials when it is required. How, if we connect all these operations to one another such that they together make smart decisions and decide what to deliver at which place and at what time. Wouldn’t it be a very good initiative? Well, this way to connect the devices altogether to get things done in the right manner is called the Internet of Things.

What are the real-world applications of the Internet of Things?

Smart homes

How great things would be, if someone wakes you up in the morning at the perfect time, so that you do not get late for your office, guides you the route that you need to follow up so that you reach your office comfortably, prepares your morning coffee at the right time and all together gives you a perfect start to you. Well, this is no more a struggle to find out such a friendly technology, the Internet of Things, got all these things covered. An IoT-enabled alarm clock can reset itself if it finds that your office meeting got postponed to a future hour or the train that you wished to catch-up on, got rescheduled to a different time. An IoT enabled coffee maker is good enough to keep your coffee ready for you so that you do not waste your precious hours in preparing the coffee. An IoT-enabled navigation system can prepare the best route for your reach your office based upon the traffic and weather conditions so that you do not get stuck in between the route.

Smart workplace

An IoT-enabled workplace again provides a convenient working infrastructure for you. There would be smart AC vents that set the temperature perfectly, based upon your suitability, all the machines responding to one another to get the task done automatically, without human intervention and many other smart working methodologies can be provided by the IoT. For instance, cosmetic firm L'oreal makes the use of the integrated IoT sensors on their production line to help them make the best decisions in real-time.

Driverless vehicles

A vehicle that drives on its own is no more a virtual concept. Automotive Tech giant Tesla has already taken the initiative to bring its much-awaited driverless car to the common audience. It has been using IoT technology to give its dream a realistic shape and develop smart vehicles that take the right decision at the right time.

Smart Healthcare

In regards to the healthcare sector, IoT technology assists in health monitoring and treatment in a more organized and predictable manner. Hereby, there are some of the best IoT companies in Singapore, which provides not only consulting services but also assists with the technology embracement.

Pollution Tracker

Another real-world application of the Internet of Things, which makes it ideal to interact with some of the best IoT companies in Singapore for IoT consulting services is “Pollution Trackers”. These trackers track and monitor the real-time pollution status of a region and notify it over the pollution tracker app.


Hence, the future is not far! Better technologies are coming up with each passing day and of all of these technologies, the most vital one is the Internet of Things, which could help us make the right decisions at the right time and help us lead a more comfortable life. It is thereby better to explore its real potential by seeking IoT consulting services from some of the best IoT companies in Singapore, like Pixel Softwares is one of the best suggestions.