5 Reasons Why You Need a Data Scientist

Everyday heavy volumes of data are processed in this world, which not only puts excessive load over the data servers but also highlights the concerns related to safety, authenticity, and accessibility. Likewise, a flaw at any of the stages of the data processing not only risks highly sensitive user’s data like passwords but, also results in the loss of customers for an organization where such incidents happen. Taking this discussion further, here we will talk about the top five reasons why an organization needs to hire a data scientist and in addition to this, we will be talking about the best data scientists in Singapore to work with!

What does a Data Scientist do?

Prior to talking about the major reasons why one needs to hire a data scientist, let’s understand what exactly a data scientist does for an organization! Well, a data scientist accounts for data processing, data security, and data management.

  • Data Processing-Whether it’s about data collection, deriving facts from the unprocessed data, or studying the data patterns, a data scientist can help out in all of these cases. Thereby, a data scientist can bring a better picture of the user data.
  • Data Security-Next, there are some data security techniques like data encryption, data masking, data recovery, and data erasure, which are required to be practiced from time-to-time. These techniques are quite useful for keeping the data secure, controlling the access, authenticating the users, and keeping it safe under all circumstances, and in this frame, a data scientist can play a very important role.
  • Data Management -Across all the data management techniques, understanding the data algorithms and data patterns is vital to make correct predictions and in this frame, data scientists can play an important role.

  • What are the five reasons why you need a Data Scientist?

    It would be unfair to keep the user data for granted as it might hold sensitive information like login credentials, personal details, and such information. Thereby, it is always suggested to employ the best data security methods that would not only ensure the safety of the user data but, will also bring trustworthiness among the people associated with that organization. So, for this data scientists can play a very important role and for those, who have been searching out for data scientists in Singapore, then, there are some of the best data scientists in Singapore to work with! Further, here are the five important data security techniques that are employed by the data scientists to secure your data and impact your business in the right manner:-

    Data Authentication

    Since everything in this IT world is protected via passwords, but at times, it becomes very difficult for the organizations to decide who are to be provided authentication and who should be! So, in this frame, a data scientist can play a very important role. This “Authentication”, which makes sure that the right person gets the right access at the right time. Authentication involves verification of the user against the input made by them in the form of a PIN, fingerprint impression, pattern, and others, and give them permission to access the relevant section accordingly.

    Data Access control

    Even though after being authenticated, the users are able to access the necessary information, but, still the authorized personnel looks for controlling the access to it. For example, allowing someone to access one part of the data and keep the other part hidden. In this frame, Data Scientists can add access control to that section, which will help the authorized personnel to control the access across all the grounds. There are further, three access modes available, namely discretionary access control, Role-based access control, mandatory access control, from which one can pick, based on their requirements.

    Data Encryption

    Besides, authentication and access control, the next thing that is worth considering is data transfer in the most secure manner. So, here data encryption comes into the picture, which involves encrypting all the important data with the help of data encryption softwares. This technique encrypts the normal text into encrypted ciphertext, which is not easy to crack. The data can be decrypted only for the authorized person, using the authentication key, and thereby keeps it safe from unauthorized access.

    Data Masking

    But, is data encryption enough for securing the data, while it is being transferred over a network? Well, it all depends on the level of security one wants and the data type that is being transferred. For those, who have been searching for a more advanced form of data encryption, then we have the Data Masking method available, which converts the normal text into proxy characters. This data is thereby stored in a hidden form and can only be unmasked by the authorized personnel using the authentication key.

    Data Backup and Recovery

    Data Scientists, very well know that updating softwares is very important, as it protects the system secured against security threats and data thefts, and thereby, it is essential to keep the system updated under all circumstances. Other than this, in order to handle situations like corrupted files, data breaches, and lost access to important files, it’s very important to keep a backup of all the essential data files. Well, if you are confused about these, you needn’t worry anymore, just reach out to a data scientist, who would assist you in the best way possible.


    Since every day, heavy volumes of data is processed at the organizational level, which entirely demands extensive care and precautionary measures from time to time! Thereby, for those who remain worried about managing heavy volumes of data for making the right predictions, data scientists can take care of all! To explore more about it and understand how a data scientist can be a great asset for your esteemed organization, raise your concern with one of the best place for hiring the data scientists in Singapore, Pixel Softwares, that is having the best pool of data scientists, to assist you all in the best possible manner.