7 Marketing Tips To Expand Your Business Via Mobile Applications

Every business aspires to improve its sales graph and market performance and eventually create a source of revenue from its mobile apps. But, hereby, a very few are successful! So, what’s the reason behind the failure of the majority of the businesses? What do they miss out on? Well, hereby, we will be presenting the 7 marketing tips that are ideally suitable for today’s business to grow it across different verticals via mobile applications. In addition to this, we will be talking about some of the best mobile app development companies in Singapore to help such businesses in achieving their business goals.

Make Customer-Friendly Apps

Always aim to give “best first impression” to new customers. The application developed by a mobile app development company must be value-added and impressive for visitors to come back iteratively. The app features must appear exciting for the visitors in such a way that they move ahead to sign-up and stay engaged. Additionally, it must be kept into consideration that if in case the app fails to load its features or when the sign-up procedures are head-breaking, users will not hesitate in switching to your competitors.

Keep the Apps Feature-Loaded

The next important thing is to focus on choosing the right mobile application development company in Singapore that could create feature-loaded and robust mobile applications. For example, the mobile app users who book a travel ticket via a mobile app, generally receive an SMS stating the booking details. But in any case, if one didn’t receive the SMS, then they need to login into the website to get the SMS message again which appears quite inconvenient for mobile app users to use the app for ticket booking instantly and hereby, it has to be ensured that the application is loaded with all the required features.

Avoid more “Pop-ups” in the app

It generally happens that people bounce back from a mobile app when they are directed to multiple pop-up windows, as one won’t like to repeatedly close the pop-up menus. Thus, it is advised to give basic beneficial facilities for free and hide the rest in the paywall. This would ensure that the customers who got attracted to your business offerings will pay to enjoy other extended features.

Encourage sales through mobile apps

You can offer seasonal and sign-up discounts for people who download your app for product purchases. By doing this, not only the regular customers but the fresh new visitors will also get attracted to this. The discounts which you offer must stimulate their urgency to buy from a mobile app. For instance, you can give offers for mobile app users stating as “Flat 30% discount” for people making a purchase today. As the offer ends within a day, people will check into your app and make a purchase instantly.

Make the best use of Social Media Platforms

Remember social media platforms are very powerful in growing business leads and they could surely help you promote your business among a big audience. Hereby, mobile app development companies believe that by ingraining a feature to share the offers, product details, and others, directly over social media, one can get more audience and thereby increase the chances of converting them into regular customers.

Check your competitors and trends

Studies show that entertainment channels dominate mobile apps. People prefer mobile apps for playing games, listening to their favorite music, cooking lessons event planning, online shopping, software downloads, booking movie tickets, scheduling their trips, budget planning, online classifieds, online banking, etc.., Thus, if you are holding business across any of these domains and still lack in mobile app platform then it’s high time to rush into the team of a reliable mobile app development company in Singapore.

Cut down the operating costs

As the year 2020 has proved that an uncertain economic situation may arise at any point of time, thereby every step that businesses make towards increasing revenue matters and counts. The great news here is building an app through a prominent mobile app development company in Singapore which can improve the business bottom line by reducing the business operational and transaction costs. By upgrading automation of order processing, inventory management, billing, check-out, and payments, mobile apps can be highly helpful in reducing the number of resources required to run a business and thereby allowing them to manage operating costs in many areas, thus reducing the cost of individual transactions.

How to find your ideal mobile app development company in Singapore?

To begging with check reviews of the app development company over the web & portfolio on their website before dealing with the business. Now prior to shortlisting a mobile app development company, look into their experience in niche areas and undergo a quality check of the projects handled by the organization in their recent past. Secondly, you need to understand the fact that you might need to update the recently launched products, each & every time on the and thereby instead of focusing on a dynamic app, you can prefer a static, front-end application that holds your business details. Have a discussion with mobile app developers of mobile app development company about the mobile app model, budget, deadline, and how to integrate your business into the mobile platform.

Once the app is ready, get it listed in Google Play Store and Apple Store through your mobile app development company in Singapore following up the right technique so that the app finds a palace among the top suggestions whenever a user searches for something related to it.


All in all, explosive growth in the mobile app market is not going to have lagged anytime soon and hereby the growth in mobile application development trends in the market show that businesses can continue to generate impressive revenues and expand their business growth globally in the foreseeable future. So it is quite clear that one should get connected with a leading mobile application development company in Singapore to build an intuitive business app towards fulfilling the digital needs of the business and help it achieve new heights.