BizCard App

Ever wondered, saving a business card by just scanning it via the phone’s camera, sharing it across multiple profiles with a single tap and making the necessary changes in the card in a few seconds? Well, the BizCard App is an easy-to-use business card managing app that lets the business professionals to Scan and save, Manage and Share business cards like never before.

The main idea behind the BizCard App is for the business people. After considering the challenges that business people have been going through such as wear and tear of their paperwork, loss of the paperwork, perhaps the paperwork has been destroyed by water and many others, what if you don’t need that paperwork anymore, you got nothing to worry about any more you just sync your data between the business partner and all is done, easy, fast and secure. The card exchange App is the solution that we have brought to you. With fewer hassles, the app can sync, save and share a business card on the spot. The fact that the business card shall be saved permanently, it will not only save you from the worries of loss but also the huge workload of the paperwork that you could be properly handled, it will as well ease the retrieval process and tracking process as well will be easy and efficient. With just simple, easy click your business card problems are solved with no much paperwork to carry along and worry about.