Bridging World’s Education Gaps with Cloud Computing

Gone are those days, when we had to travel miles to seek our favorite courses! Today, technology has made it possible for us to learn our favorite subjects from our own place, all that we need is an internet-accessing device and an internet connection! Now, you might be wondering, how one could learn their subjects and improve their skills, without going to their classrooms? Well, it’s all made possible by cloud technology, about which we will be discussing here, in the following context!

Perennial gaps in the Education Industry

No matter how well we have progressed in the other sectors, but, the education industry has been struggling with some serious issues. Broadly, there are issues like:-

Degrading quality of education

If we talk about the existing education system, then, it’s not efficient! Universities are still following the same curriculum, from the past several years, students are finding fewer opportunities to work on their skills and thereby, getting rolled out from the future jobs.


The next challenging situation persisting in the education industry is the limited outreach! There are over 72 million children and 759 million adults who are deprived of basic education. And, if we talk about the reason behind it, then the most prominent one is the unavailability of proper education institutions in their area. (Source: Humanium Education Report)

Cost of Education

Even though organizations like UNESCO say “Education is for all”! But, the question is; Is education accessible to all? Is it affordable! Well, if we talk about the present scenario, then, one needs to shed thousands of dollars from their pocket to get enrolled in an institution!

How can Cloud Computing bridge these gaps?

Certainly, by now, you would have understood what all challenges the education industry has been facing and might be wondering how cloud technology can be helpful in that! So, let’s find it out!

Better Outreach

To begin with, cloud technology facilitates the delivery of standardized courses from a central location to multiple classrooms in real-time. Besides that it also allows the researchers to present their research work to the people sitting in another part of the world.

Improved Quality

A cloud-based infrastructure is highly scalable and efficient. It lets one make important updates in the course content across multiple classrooms in no time. Besides that, the learners can access the academic content of their choice anytime, with a single tap.


Next is the cost associated with the cloud-based education! The total cost of learning using the cloud-based education services is quite less in comparison to the traditional education system. Further, one can access a wide range of courses without leaving their place, all that they need is an internet connection and the device.


All in all, revolutionary technology like cloud computing has been altering every aspect of the education industry. It has been transforming the way we learn, the way we manage our academic notes and the way we share our knowledge.