COVID-19: How countries across the world coping with it

Technologically speaking, neither we as humans nor the machines were ready for the novel coronavirus. The pandemic came at an awkward time when we were busy with establishing a healthy economy, preparing for the Olympics 2020 and others. As a result, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 hit the whole world badly. So far, more than 858K cases have been reported and around 42K people have already lost their lives in the world. In response to it, most of the countries have gone to a long term shut-down and some of the best brains have been trying to find a crack to this disease.

Taking this discussion further, here we will talk about some of the best measures taken across the world to control the spread of this deadly virus.

COVID-19: Origin and Spread

COVID-19 is the name given by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in context to its origin. It originates from the Wuhan city in China, where the first case was spotted on 31st December 2019. After that this deadly virus spread across the entire China and to the whole world like a wildfire. The seriousness of this spread can be depicted by the fact that in every hour, 1 case is reported in the world and so far no proper treatment is available for this disease. (Source: WHO, Worldometers).

How have countries been coping with it?

Around 200 countries and territories have been impacted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Responding to which important measures are being taken to control its further spread. Let’s have a look over the measures being taken worldwide, to control its widespread.


In order to control the spread of COVID-19, most of the nations have gone for a complete lockdown. All the tourist places, travels, and events have been suspended for a period of time. Further, people have been instructed to remain in their houses and stay away from social gatherings.

Sanitization at mass level

Besides instructing people to maintain a healthy hygiene, disinfectants are being spayed at mass levels across the streets of the country. This not only helps in keeping the surface infection-free but also helps in controlling the spread of this disease.

Quarantine zones for the infected

Government agencies and health ministries of all the countries have facilitated quarantine centers for those who have been affected by this disease. All of these infected people are kept isolated from the other individuals and are given complete medication. This is done to control the spread of this deadly virus across other individuals.

Testing and Research work

Next, to crack the deadly Coronavirus, research is ongoing at some of the best labs in the world. Biologists and scientists are working together to find an effective medicine for the treatment of this disease.


COVID -19 is thereby becoming more severe day by day. As the number of cases is rising, things are getting worse. Let’s hope we find a solution to get out of this painful situation and save the lives of people and the human race.