Data Scientists

Data science has in a high rate penetrated the business market of recent due to the intensity of data that is being decimated in the businesses. In our blogs, all over the world, have discussed their salaries, of whom they are of prime importance in your company since if the data is well handled, we believe your business will remain at the top of the business map.

Technical Expertise

  • Mathematical and analytical skills, statistics, modeling
  • Programming languages such as C++, Python, PHP, Ruby, NoSQL, JavaScript
  • Work with hive, Scala, Square Root, RR, Hadoop, MATLAB, HBase, Spark, Shark, Cascading, Cassandra.

Data economy defines data science as a broad term of math, statistics, and many other tools used to extract insights and notions involved in machine learning. In other words, it is a sphere that uses many tools and techniques to derive data and conclusions of which will be of prime importance in the business. The data science as well is of importance in artificial intelligence, in the meantime, IBM defines data science as a revolution from business or data analytics. The formal training is similar to that applied in the solid foundation of computer science application, modeling statistics, analytics, and math. In short data, analysts look for the insight data and tries to understand what each segment means and the impacts it has on the business then use it to bring the business to the face of the market competition.

Modern Tools and Trends in Data Science

  • Self-driving cars
  • Strong data security
  • Deep learning technology
  • Chatbots and other conversational interfaces
  • More companies adopt spark and Hadoop big data platform
  • The number of businesses moving their predictions analytics demands to the cloud is rising extremely.