Expert Answers: What makes a Website Great?

Let’s spare some time and compare the situation when we have two websites, one is a complete literature work, without any illustrations and infographic contents, and the other one is beautifully designed with well-framed contents. Now, which one would you prefer to visit? Well, we are pretty sure, you would go for the latter option, the website that looks more appealing and interesting! And, it’s not just about you, around 66 percent of people prefer to see something that is beautifully designed, instead of something that looks plain and simple (Source: Allied Market Research on Website Traffic 2019).

This means that the way you have drafted your website can have a strong impact on your web presence, and eventually impact your market sales. So, how can one bring their website to more people? How can website designs be made more appealing? How website design can impact on web traffic? Let’s find it out and know about what are the expert’s views on website design!

What is a Business Website?

The very first impression that one makes lasts for a longer period of time. So, it’s very important to be well-presented, well-managed, and expressive in all respect to leave a strong impression. This concept holds well from the business perspective too! A business website is a digital address to a set of information that a business organization wants to display to its online viewers.

Why do today’s Businesses need a Website?

By now, we all have understood the importance of having a digital identity. Now, let’s have a look over the importance of a website for a business.

Drive more customers

Having a strong digital identity of all the products and the services that you have been offering can bring great business to you. You can include testimonials, client reviews, and a lot of other details to give your product more hits worldwide and drive more customers to your business.

Beyond the national boundaries

The Internet has brought the world closer. With a single click, now we can connect to anyone easily at any time of the day. Therefore, by having a business website, one can easily market their product to a wider audience, beyond the national boundaries.

Stay connected with the customers

A need may persist at Midnight at 12 o'clock or early morning at 5 am. Thus, it is important for the business organization to remain accessible 24/7/365, which is only possible by the means of having a digital identity or a website. Thus, a business website can be very helpful in letting you stay connected all the time with the customers.

Give better insights about your products

A business website is a great platform to showcase all the spirituals of the product that you have been offering. As we discussed earlier, around 88 percent of the people browse information about the product online before making a purchase for it. So, you can get a great number of customers for your product and services.

What do Experts say about Website Designs?

Websites are like a customer service representative, that can let the visitors judge how you will treat them by analyzing your website. If the website appears fresh, modern, and inviting, then the visitors will feel more welcome over the webpage. On the other hand, an outdated website will make your business look cold and aloof. People never wish to seek an organization that is incapable to make a good first impression. Some of the valuable advise on website design are as follows:-

Infographic content

If we talk about the Content to Graphics Ratio, then, generally the content part is more, than the graphics. But, generally, users do not find themselves more connected with the content part and accordingly, it’s suggested to keep this ratio balanced. Likewise, web designers can relay on Infographic contents that are more effective and engaging in comparison to any other mode.

Optimized webpages

Next is the webpage loading speed, which can have a direct impact on the visitors. Thereby, it is essential to keep all the pages optimized for improving the webpage loading speed. This can be achieved by uploading compressed images and optimizing the content.

Choose Trending Theme

Another area to consider, while designing a fresh website is the “Theme”. The theme must match business offerings. For example, if one is into the supermarket industry, then a theme relevant to it can be picked. On the other hand, if there are some festive offers ongoing, then, the theme can be framed to notify the users about it.

UI/UX Design

Among all the suggestions about website design, the most important part is UI/UX design, which ensures that the website is user-friendly and easy-to-navigate. Further, the UI/UX Experts suggest that if UI/UX design improves customer satisfaction and overall user experience, thereby, more users are retained, and even more, users are added over the platform.

Where to look for the Best Website Development Services?

We are pretty sure, by now you would have got an answer to questions like what are business websites? Why are business websites important? How great website design can help your customers identify your business? And so on! But, most of you still might be wondering where you can find some of the best web developers? Well, across all the available options, one can find some of the best website developers in Singapore and here are the reasons why you should seek website development services from a web development company in Singapore:-

Experienced Developers

Whether you have been looking for eCommerce website development services or payment gateways development services, you would find some of the best and highly experienced web application developers in Singapore

Great Website Designers

A well organized, calibrated, and beautifully drafted website catches mare attention in comparison to the one that is text-based and lacks the usage of graphics. It is thereby, recommended to ensure that website design is done adequately. So, if you have been looking for Web designing in Singapore, then, you would definitely find some of the best website designers.

Best Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is another important factor that is important to consider by today’s businesses. A well-maintained website keeps the customers engaged for a longer period of time and plays a very important role in driving more traffic over the website. So, if you have been looking for the best website maintenance services, then, you could find some of the best website maintenance services in Singapore, that can help you with timely content upgrades, theme upgrades, and website design upgrades.

Best Web Development Companies

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Overall, an updated, impressive, and modern design of the website is equivalent to a friendly face greeting every visitor. It gives the impression that you are open and welcoming to new people who seek your services by visiting your business website. Further, it is imperative for every business to have a digital identity for its products and services via their business website. Besides, focusing on the quality of the product and the services that one offers, it is important to focus equally well over making the business website look more appealing to the viewers and thereby, gain more customers. To find more information about website maintenance, website design, and website development services in Singapore, reach out to the leading web development company in Singapore, Pixel Softwares, and get all possible assistance from our best web developers.