Exploring the future of Data Privacy

Both nationally and internationally, organizations across the world have been debating over the data privacy and why not! Data privacy is a sensational topic to talk about, as it is associated with the organization’s reputation, user’s safety and protection of the data files. A single data breach case can, not only ruin the organization’s reputation but also risk the privacy of millions of users. Thereby, one cannot neglect the importance of data privacy in any manner. Taking this discussion further, here in this context, we will explore the future of data privacy and will get to know some of the important transformations happened in the data world!

Why Data Privacy?

In this information age, where heavy volumes of data are exchanged from different places of the world, it’s not difficult to state that data is the fuel of the information age. Now, what is this fuel of the information age is breached or exposed to wrong people, wouldn’t that create a stressful situation? Surely, it will! It would cause more damage than one might ever think about. Thereby, data privacy holds great importance in every context.

How far we in keeping data safe?

Broadly, data can be of two forms, one is spatial and the other is non-spatial. While the first form which is spatial data that includes national maps, satellite images, and others, does not require any special data protection treatment, because it is purely fact-based information. However, when this data is merged up with the location data, then, data privacy concerns show up. Further, when this location-based data traverse from the individual level to mass level, then, the situations are very troublesome. Considering this aspect and realizing the importance of data privacy, organizations are now making some important changes in their data regulations, which are discussed herewith:-

Location identification and reporting

User’s location is generally used by certain applications for offering better recommendations and suggestions. Presently, the organizations are emphasizing over keeping this recorded location data more secured and also they are working over providing complete information to its users over how their location data is managed.

Third-party verification

Next, important aspect that has been going through significant changes is the third-party verification. Presently, data processing organizations are working over verifying the credentials of third-party applications and informing the users about it, so as to prevent data breaches.

Standard Regulations

The General Data Protection Regulation Authority (GDPRA) has been working over issuing standard regulations for data protection. This regulation highlights on bringing transparency in the system and trackability. (Source: General Data Protection Regulation, 2018)


Overall, data privacy is an important topic and in this frame, data regulators and authorities are working closely to bring more transparency into the system and thereby offer a safer experience to the users.