Future of IT Industry in Singapore: 5 Tech Trends in 2021

Once a sleepy fishing island, the sovereign city-state of Singapore has turned into a global technology hub. Today, it is globally recognized for the innovations and technology solutions, which all-together cannot be mentioned over a piece of paper. All due to this reason, today, Singapore stands as Asia’s Technology Capital and makes it essential for all of us to explore the top tech trends that are most likely to rule in 2021.

Taking this discussion ahead, here, we will be exploring the future of the IT industry in Singapore and further talk about some of the best IT companies in Singapore, that have been contributing to the making of a digital economy even more powerful!

Why Singapore’s IT sector so impressive?

Before we talk about the five trends that are most likely to hit up in the years to come, let’s have a look at how Singapore’s IT industry is successful in attracting businesses from all parts of the world to invest and collaborate and why it is regarded as the hub of best IT companies in the world. Well, from excellent connectivity to robust IT infrastructure, Singapore has everything that a business organization aspires for, and here are the top reasons that make Singapore the best place to set up a business:-

Land of Innovation

Singapore is known for its innovation and technology projects. The global enterprises and the start-ups in Singapore bring some of the greatest inventions and projects that are praised worldwide. As, per the Global Innovation Index, Singapore is the most innovative country in Asia and 6th globally. (Source: Global Innovation Index 2019, Bloomberg Innovation Index 2019).

Highly Equipped IT infrastructure

Singapore’s plug and play culture allow businesses to access all their requirements with a single tap. Singapore offers an excellent IT infrastructure to companies and due to this reason, it ranks first in terms of digital innovations. (Source: Asian Digital Transformation Index 2019).

Strong IP regulatory framework

For a company, the most important thing is to safeguard its intellectual property. For this, the Singapore government offers a very strong IP regulatory framework. It not only has strict IP protection laws but, also, has a better surface for enforcing them. Singapore ranks first in Asia and fourth in the world in terms of Intellectual Property Rights Protection. (Source: World Economic Forum).

Highly Skilled Workforce

Technology may provide one a surface, but, it’s the people who move it forward and thereby, creates a difference. Singapore is having some of the brightest and talented people in the world to work with. As per the Global Talent Competitiveness Index rankings, Singapore is the second best globally and the only Asian country holding a position in the top ten in the world for attracting talents.

What are the top five tech trends in 2021?

Augmented Reality

If you fantasize about exploring things more lively and conveniently, then, Augmented Reality is the aptest concept that is defined here! It besides changing the way one interacts with a technology platform, but, also makes it appear more lively and interactive. As per some of the best IT companies in Singapore, Augmented Reality is the next most pronounced technology that would rule the market in the year 2021 and further! It is believed that this year and further, AR App Development Services would remain in great demand across all the business domains. In addition to this, Augmented Reality has immense potential in assisting with virtual tours, enhancing the user experience, and making technology more perceivable.

Artificial Intelligence

Before the concept of Artificial Intelligence became too mainstream, it was believed that the ability to think and make decisions was withheld by humans only! But, with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, it was realized that this technology has immense potential than one ever thought off! Artificial Intelligence companies in Singapore believe that this technology will rule not only in 2021 but also in the future across the Healthcare, Banking, Manufacturing, Education, and other sectors.

Cloud Technology

Today, the traditional television platforms are being rapidly replaced by more efficient, convenient, and resourceful online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others! But, have you ever thought about, how are these platforms able to process massive amounts of data efficiently and securely? Well, hereby, Cloud Computing proves out to be one of the most promising technologies, that holds immense potential to change the way data is processed! It besides making it more convenient, also ensure safety! Thus, some of the best technology consultants in Singapore believe that Cloud Technology will remain among the top trends in 2021 and further. In addition to this, IT experts believe that besides finding application across the online streaming platforms, this technology is most likely to change the way corporates used to work! It would bring the “Work from Home” culture more pronounced for the years to come!

Blockchain Technology

Remember the hype gained by the world’s first digital currency Bitcoin? Well, it not only remained as one of the biggest discoveries of all times! Since then, researchers started exploring the potential of the technology behind it, called Blockchain Technology! Lately, it was discovered that blockchain technology has a great set of applications beyond the digital currency format, and it was found that Blockchain has immense potential across Gaming, Auditing, Banking, Insurance, Education, Healthcare, and Manufacturing sectors. Thus, technology experts in Singapore, believe that blockchain technology will not only rule in the year 2021 but also in the upcoming years!

Internet of Things (IoT)

Well, across all the technology trends, the Internet of Things (IoT) has remained the biggest hits of all time from the past several years. It not only holds immense potential to change the way we live and the way we interact with the things around us but also makes the internet services defined at a broader scale. With an objective to connect every device to the internet, some of the best IT experts in Singapore believe that IoT has a great potential to streamline the processes across all the segments and help people live a more comfortable life.


Overall, Singapore’s IT industry offers a great set of business solutions for all entrepreneurs, start-ups, business enterprises, and corporations. It besides offering excellent growth opportunities for the businesses, also sets a fresh example for those who aspire to witness a technological era for the year 2021 and further!