Grow your Business amidst COVID 19 with PIXEL

Life is full of uncertainties and unexpected events, we do not know, what might happen at what time and how it could impact our lives and for how long! The Novel COVID-19 outbreak is one such unexpected event that severely hit all the areas of human life. Besides, proving out to be a fatal disease, it brought the world to a complete shutdown. All the industries, manufacturing units, SMEs, Educational Institutions, and businesses have been shut down and people have been ordered to stay at their homes. This is all done to control the further spread of this disease. The severity of the Coronavirus outbreak can further be realized by looking at the figures. So, far, more than 19 million cases have been reported worldwide and around 712K people have lost their lives. Other than this, it has also severely impacted the world economy and resulted in situations that are worse than the economic recession of 2008.

So, it becomes very important for corporates and other businesses to find a solution for running their business by maintaining social distancing. In this context, we will discuss how technology companies like Pixel Softwares helping such businesses to run smoothly and restore their profits again.


Today, over 59 percent of sectors in the world are completely digitalized and 20 percent of the remaining 41 percent have been partially digitalized, which are further expected to be fully digitalized by 2025 (Source: Global Digitalization Index 2019). Now, you might be wondering, why digitalization is important? Well, considering the current scenario, where there is a huge risk of getting infected with the novel coronavirus by touching infected surfaces, thereby, using digital means across all the areas is a better choice. In this frame, we offer software development services, digital marketing services, mobile app development services, and many others, to let businesses operate without entering the physical markets and thereby, mitigate the risk of getting infected.

On-demand services

With the global industries shifting towards digitalization, investing in On-demand services, seems to be a better idea, that will allow them to turn down their operating cost and run their business effortlessly. In this frame, we at Pixel Softwares have some of the most talented On-demand mobile app developers to assist you in the best possible manner.

Business Promotion and marketing

We understand how stressful business promotion would be in this stressful situation and that’s why, we have come up with an idea of contactless business card sharing via Bizcard App, that ensures easy sharing of business contacts, details about business offerings and promote the business to multiple people with a single tap.


Considering all the facts and figures, it’s uncertain to draw conclusions on when this pandemic will be over, and thereby, it’s essential to implement better methods to deal with the present situation. In this frame, the leading IT company, Pixel Softwares have come up with some of the best technology solutions for businesses of all domains and help them restore their profits even during this phase.