How to Grow Your Business Network Amidst the COVID-19 crisis

Today, business networking has taken an entirely new form, people wish to have a more convenient and friendly way to connect with someone rather than going through long and tiring processes. However, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, socializing with people has proved out to be very risky and this scenario, it is very important to look for a safe and efficient way to grow the business network. Taking this further, here we will talk about the revolutionary, business card sharing app, Bizcard App which would help the businesses to grow their business network. In addition to this, here we will talk about some of the best business promotion companies in Singapore, which can help you with the promotion and business network.

How to grow Business Network amidst COVID 19?

With the revolutionary, Bizcard App, one need not worry about growing business network. It is primarily a business card sharing app that simplifies the business card sharing process, with the help of features like scan and saves, one-touch access, easy sharing, and easy to edit makes it the most preferred Digital Business Card wallet. Developed by some of the best mobile app developers in Singapore, this contact sharing app comes loaded with a variety of features that all make it an ideal fit for all business professionals. Here is the complete list of all its features that makes it the most preferred tool for business networking:-

Add Notes

Bizcard wants you to remember things well like the discussion that you had with someone, the place where you met, and other important details. Therefore, with every business card, there is a feature called “add notes”, where you can type whatever kind of notes you want to type to remember that person later on.

Share List

Share list contains the list of people with whom one wishes to share certain cards. For example, all BNI members can be a share list with which one can share the business card with a single tap simultaneously.

Quick Share

Business card sharing is easy and fast via the Bizcard app, which has been developed by some of the best mobile app developers in Singapore. There are basically two ways by which one can share the business card,

  • Share within the app
  • This is for sharing when the sender and the receiver both are active users of Bizcard.

  • Share via external sources
  • If in case you want to share a business card to someone who is not the active user of the Bizcard App, then you need not worry. You can easily share the business card by just entering the contact number with whom you want to share and share easily via WhatsApp, Facebook, text, and other mediums

    Fast Search

    Finding a business contact over the Bizcard App is very easy. One can add personal tags to the business contacts and later search easily by the name, tags, or combination of these twos. By adding personal tags, we mean any such tag that you can relate to when you come across in the future. For example, you met someone in a BNI meeting in Singapore then you can tag him by #BNI, #Singapore, and later search easily by using these tags.

    Search Products

    Another feature that makes Bizcard, one of the best business networking tools it that it serves a great platform where one can not only showcase their business products and services but, also search across a list of products that are listed by the other business contacts and connect with them if there is a requirement.

    Create a Web Profile

    When one creates a Business card, then the web profile is automatically created that can be easily shared with non-app users or anyone else. This web profile is easily accessible from any device having an internet connection and contains all the information that one has mentioned in the business card along with the products and services.

    One-Touch Access

    One can easily make phone calls, email, visit the website, and reach out the social media accounts over a single interface with a single tap.

    Sync & Import Contact

    When a business card is created, then the contact details also get synced with the phone’s contact list that means when you scan & save a business card it automatically creates its contact in the phone’s contact list so you need not save the same contact twice. Further, the Import feature makes it possible to import all the phone’s contacts in this app and save it as business cards.

    Notify for Key changes

    From time-to-time, changes are to be made in the business card. Bizcard notifies your connections with every change that you make in your business card and notifies you when any of your connection makes any changes like mobile no., email, or business address.

    Create and share a Card Set

    A Card Set contains a set of business cards (up to 100 business cards) under a certain category. For example, all the BNI Members’ business cards can be put under a single card set and the entire set can be shared easily with a single tap to anyone either by app or as text.

    Know Mutual business connects

    Connecting is quite easy with Bizcard. One can easily find the mutual connections between them and someone whom they wish to connect. Further, if someone does not wish to show up the mutual connection list to anyone, then they can disable it easily. However, if one hides the mutual connection list, then they would not be able to see other mutual connection lists too.

    Manage Multiple Business Cards

    It’s quite easy to manage multiple business cards simultaneously via the Bizcard App. One can create multiple cards with different templates of the same business or create multiple cards with different information and templates for multiple businesses easily. Thereby, this app sets a great example by some of the best mobile app developers in Singapore.

    Showcase your Products / Services

    Adding the business products and services along with business cards is easy via the Bizcard App. One can add full detail about their product/service like the product description, pricing, and add up to 5 images of the product. This can help them generate more business leads.

    Artificial Intelligence OCR system

    Another interesting thing about the Bizcard app, which is developed by some of the best mobile app developers in Singapore is that it offers a very good feature called the “Scan and save”, this feature makes it quite easy to create a business card. All that one needs to do is that simply scan the paper-based business card via the in-built AI-powered OCR scanner, that extracts all the information from the card and automatically fills it in the necessary sections of the digital business card.


    All in all, the Bizcard app emerges as a great business networking tool that has been developed by some of the best mobile app developers in Singapore. Such initiatives by the mobile app development companies in Singapore like Pixel Softwares sets a great option for those who have been looking for growing their business network, amidst the COVID-19 crisis.