Impact of Technology on our Lives

If you have been wondering, what all things have changed with time, then, let us tell you something very interesting! Today, Emails have replaced the Telegrams, Digital cameras have replaced the reel cameras and Smartphones have become so powerful that we can accomplish almost everything that we use to do via a PC! So, one thing is quite clear by now, technology has brought us a more convenient way of executing our daily activities and taking this discussion further, here in this context, we will talk about how technology will revolutionize the way we live! So, let’s begin!

How technology has been changing our lives?

Ever since the technologists all over the world started exploring newer ways of living, they came across smartphones, voice assistant devices, smartwatches, tablets and more. So, let’s explore how these devices have made our lives a lot easier.

Interaction with people

One of the interesting ways, by which technology has revolutionized the way we use to communicate is Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, that has brought people closer and made it easier for people to communicate with one another with a single tap.

Revolutionized the way we learn

If we are to talk about how technology has revolutionized the way we learn, then, a lot of things have changed. Today, the learners have the option of learning their favorite subjects at their own pace, with the help of several e-learning platforms. Such as we have, Udemy, Duolingo, Lumosity and a couple of learning app platforms, which lets one learn from their own place, without even being physically present to attend the classes or lectures.

Better ways to monitor our Health

Another area that has been influenced by technology is the healthcare sector. From the life support machines to health monitoring tools, technology has given us better ways to monitor our health on a regular basis.

Redefined the way we use to avail the Banking services

Gone are those days, when we used to stand in long queues for accessing the banking services. All the leading banks have been making banking more convenient for users by offering mobile banking, Net banking, and many such facilities. Likewise, take the case of Singapore’s leading bank, Developmental Bank of Singapore (DBS), that recently announced its “QR-code based payment solution”, in a direction to promote the cashless economy in the world.

Redefined the way we shop

Unlike those days, when we used to run from one shop to another, to find the perfect fitting dress for us, today, we have plenty of options available with us. We can find the products of our choice over shopping portals like Amazon, eBay, and others, with a single tap.


All in all, technology has influenced our daily lives to multiple folds and without the introduction of these new ways of doing things, our lives would have remained stagnant, and there would have been no hope for the transformation in the human race.