Insights into the World of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality

If we talk about some of the best immersive sets of technologies, then, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality are those that are to be included in the list. However, there are many who remain confused about the true meaning and significance of these three technologies. Considering this, here we will be having an insightful discussion on AR, VR, and MR. Furthermore, we will be talking about some of the best IT companies in Singapore that have been offering AR app development services, VR consulting services, and MR consulting services

What are Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality?

Whether it’s about AR, VR, or MR, all have their own significance and meanings. Likewise, by Augmented Reality, we mean enhancing the physical world, where we all live by adding digital details to it. Getting to the core of this concept, we will find that the term “Augmented” has been derived from the word, “Augment” which simply means “to add something” or “to enhance something”. Augmented Reality, adds the topping of appealing effects like graphics, sounds, texts to the physical objects and offers a simulated experience in the plate for all of us. Some common examples by which we can experience Augmented Reality are surrounded sounds, wide screens, and wands.

On the other hand, the true meaning of the name “Virtual Reality” is in its name itself, it is an entry into a world that is virtual and does not exist in reality. It is the gateway to the virtual world in which the viewer is exposed to experiences beyond the real space like visual arts, sounds, and animation by the use of computer technology to create this simulated environment. There are several means by which we can experience virtual reality such as Virtual Reality Headsets (VRH), Head Mounted Displays (HMDs), and many more.

However, people get confused about “Virtual Reality” and the “Augmented Reality”, due to the presence of another term, “Mixed Reality”. Well, Mixed reality is all about facilitating real-time interaction for the users who wants to explore the physical and the virtual objects in real-time. It is so far one of the most advanced immersive technologies that are sometimes referred to as hybrid reality. Therefore, for the users who are interested in exploring VR and AR simultaneously, then, “Mixed Reality”, will do up the things. Additionally, there always remains an extensive demand for availing AR app development services in Singapore, VR consulting services in Singapore, and MR consulting services in Singapore.

Why do we need Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality?

Undoubtedly, technology has penetrated all the segments of our daily lives to such an extent that we can feel it clearly, day in and day out. Starting from waking up with the ring of an alarm clock to commuting to the workplace to reaching back to home and preparing the food, technology is involved in all the segments. It has not only made our lives simpler but has also provided us a more self-time to chase our dreams and explore the passion. Now, what will the people do in this free time? Can technology be helpful in driving the right passion for you at the right moment and provide you more recreational experience?

Well Yes! Technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) have opened the doors for a whole new interface for all of us. It has not only redefined the way we experience the physical world around us but, has also brought great applications across healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and other sectors. Due to this set of applications, the demand for availing AR app development services in Singapore, VR consulting services in Singapore, and MR consulting services in Singapore has been growing consistently.

What are the Application Areas of AR, VR, and MR?

By now, you all would have got an idea about what do we actually mean by VR and AR and MR and might be able to differentiate between these three! Now, you might be wondering which of these are ideal for your business and how you would be able to use it across your business, then below are the applications of AR, VR, and MR.

Training and Recruitment

For those, who are into the employee recruitment and training industry, among the VR and AR, VR is ideally more suitable. These days, the majority of the recruitment companies have been conducting VR based assessment examinations of the applicants for evaluating their skills and conducting VR-based training sessions, which are eventually highly effective, and feasible.

Gaming and Entertainment

For the gaming industry, both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are equally good! Likewise, if we talk about the popular game, Pokemon Go, then, it an AR-based mobile application, which attracted millions of gamers over the globe. In addition to this, VR-based games are equally popular, which drops gamers into an entirely different world, which is immersive and engaging. This is why we can find immense popularity for availing Augmented Reality App development services in Singapore.

Retail and Marketing

For the retailers, it is very important to keep the customer engaged with their business, by adequate promoting and marketing of their products from time-to-time. Hereby, among the AR and VR, AR is ideally suited for the retailers. For example, the renowned motorcycle manufacturing brand Harley Davidson has launched its own AR-based application that allows the visitors to check out all the customized versions of the bike via an AR application.

Travel and Tourism

If you are into the travel business, and mostly recounts for organizing tours, marketing accommodation space, advertising about travel packages, then, both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality holds significant applications for making it more convenient for you. While AR-based apps allow the tour planners to view the customized view for their rooms before proceeding towards the booking, VR assists with virtual tours that ensure that the travel buffs are able to experience the places that they wish to visit in advance. Both these technologies promise great customer engagement, enhanced user experience, and affordability. Likewise, if someone has been looking out for Augmented Reality App development services in Singapore, then one can find some of the best Augmented Reality Companies in Singapore.

Miscellaneous Applications of Mixed Reality

Besides the above-discussed applications of VR and AR, there are some of the most interesting use cases of Mixed Reality, which justifies the need to seek Mixed Reality Consulting Services in Singapore. Here are some of the popular areas where we can find the application of Mixed Reality:-

  • Military Training
  • Remote Working
  • Simulation-Based Learning
  • Real Asset Virtualization Environment (RAVE)
  • Interactive Product Content Management (IPCM)
  • Summary

    All in all, AR, VR, and MR are different technologies and it would be unfair to treat them like one! All these three are having their own significance and applications which makes them the best area to invest. It is all due to these varieties of applications, the popularity of seeking AR app development services, VR consulting services, and MR consulting services has been growing extensively.