Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) shares a very unique concept of connecting every device to the internet. It aims to streamline the processes in all the segments and help people live a more comfortable life.

From industries to enterprises, Internet of Things (IoT) has become commonplace in all walks of life. IoT is reshaping the way devices used to communicate with one another by establishing better connectivity among these devices and streamlining different set of processes.

Therefore, you can reach us for seeking any of the following IoT services:-

IoT Technology Consulting Services

For seeking any of the IoT-related consulting services, assessment services, and prototyping services, you can reach out to team PIXEL and experience quality services from us, such as:-

  • IoT Architecture, Security
  • IoT consulting services: Business cases, Architecture, Security
  • IoT prototyping services: Rapid prototyping

IoT Engineering Services

Our IoT Engineering services drive growth for our clients by empowering them to deploy IoT solutions and design. You can reach out for the following set of services:-

  • IoT Device Development
  • IoT Platform Integration
  • Web Service API development
  • Embedded & Firmware engineering

IoT Specialized Services

Our multi-disciplinary IoT team possesses several years of experience and expertise in IoT related services. We thereby besides the above, also offers the following set of services.

IoT analytics
IoT security: Testing, Remediation
IoT testing: Device to cloud, Performance