IoT: Bringing the Next Revolution Across the Industries

If we step down to look at the progress made so far across the industries, then, we would be amazed to know that over the years, industries across all the domains have gone through significant changes. In these years, better methods have been invented, processes have been simplified, and productivity has been improved. Moving ahead with this, here in this context, we will be talking about how IoT has been playing its part to turn up the ongoing industrial revolution. So, let’s begin.

Role of IoT in the Industrial Revolution

Popularly known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, this revolution has been making industries more powerful. Industries across different domains have been going through this rapid transformation over the past few years and in this growth, the IoT technology has been playing an important role. Let’s find how IoT has been transforming the industries:-

Improved energy efficiency

Across all the involved expenses, energy expenses take over a major proportion of it. It thereby becomes imperative to understand the areas that lead to cost overruns. In this perspective, IoT technology can be implemented, which would give an accurate overview of all the energy expenses and helps one to track the areas where improvement can be made.

Predictive maintenance

The next important benefit of employing IoT in the industries is its ability to proactively complete the maintenance. An IoT system processes heavy volumes of data like historical schedules, current working conditions of machinery, total operating time and other such information. Based on that it provides the details about the exact time schedule when the maintenance is required.

High-quality products

Another important thing with the IoT technology is that it improves the overall quality of the products manufactured at the manufacturing units. This is done by regular monitoring of all the manufacturing processes and accordingly making the necessary improvisations wherever applicable. For example, the leading automobile manufacturing company, Toyota adopted the IoT technology to achieve accuracy and produce defectless products. (Source: Toyota Innovation Report, 2018).


Overall, in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the customers and achieve more accuracy in manufacturing, IoT technology holds great significance. It besides improving the productivity and quality of the manufactured product also helps in meeting the customer demands. Thereby, IoT is an important technology to consider, while talking about the ongoing Industrial Revolution.