Java Developer

Java has been popular among many people owing to its security and flexibility approach, making it among the most successful development platforms that have ever been used in the mobile world. We here at Pixel, provide you with the best java-based applications hence improving the quality, usability, and agility of the applications.

Technical Expertise

  • Acquitted with MVC, JDC, and RESTful APIs
  • Adept at OOPS and OODS, Spring MVC technologies
  • Java programming for algorithmic and design patterns
  • Adept at EJB, Grails, EventBus, Retrofit, Android NDK
  • Experts in hibernate, Sean, android, Studio GradleMaps store
  • Experienced in spring, weld, CchingTouch, ORMlite, Corona, SDK

Among the expert teams we possess and the experience they have gained over the years they have been exposed in different departments and hence they can be able to work in the following fields such as banking, insurance, medical centers, telecommunication among others, we create solutions to small scale as well as complex business entities through first taking your business needs, analyze the needs and then turn the needs to the best java applications we always prepare, with high architectural approach, tools, and methodologies. We have embraced the Java/J2EF which have been proven to enhance the quality and flexibility of java-based applications. We hence create customized applications for both small scale and large scale businesses.

Through this, our clients are able to benefit in terms of cost and quality of our applications. These java applications are meant to cut across all industries in the market including automation of mechanical engineering, banking, insurance, banking, finance, and healthcare. Let this be our worry of how it will be done, just reach our team and your needs shall be under control.

We are committed to making sure that you get the best from this arena, java application development will be exclusively your blend of product delivery and customer reachability.
Our Java/J2EE programming services aim to suit your programming services hence getting the customized solution in the java application arena in accordance with your business needs.
You will get customized solutions in the java development and exceptional JAVA/J2EE programming services.
With pixel, you will enjoy the greatest server-side components architecture for the java platform edition (Java EE)
Our expert team in a high volume transaction system, we stand the best chance for java software development for your needs in java application development services.
Take the proficient of the java developers here at pixels and experience the best of and robust CMS solution in Java framework with great effectiveness.
To help you meet your business goals, orient yourself with the pixel development team to help you in your dream to come faster into reality in the java app development field.