Making Hiring more resourceful with AI

AI has been around the world for quite a long time. While it has been revolutionizing all the processes, at the same time it has been bringing us better ways to accomplish things. Today, every industry has been appointing the AI methods for carrying out several processes that previously seemed very difficult. One of its most recent and innovative use cases is the recruitment process, which we will be discussing here in this context.

AI in the Hiring process

From the initial screening of the candidates in sorting the candidates depending on their skills, AI can play an important role. Let’s have a look over how AI can influence the hiring process:-

Sourcing of the candidates

AI technology can be very helpful in scrutinizing hundreds of candidates profiles from several job portals within a short period of time. Thereby, a lot of time is saved for the recruiters and lets them focus on other tasks. For instance, one of the Singapore-Based tech firms has introduced an AI-based chatbot that is efficient enough to screen candidates based on their skills and accomplish other HR tasks. (Source: Impress.AI Chatbots)

Hiring candidates remotely

Hiring an ideal candidate is sometimes very difficult, especially when it comes to remote hiring. In this very scenario, AI can be very helpful. It can help in analyzing candidates’ personality and soft skills via AI-based video interviewing.

AI-based training to the candidates

Although the e-learning platforms are very efficient for the employees' training, it can be further improved by the help of AI technology. AI makes it easier to monitor the candidate’s progress, by carefully analyzing the set of questions in which the candidate faced difficulties. Once this analysis is done, the AI-based training platform gradually raises the difficulty level of the questions, to make it a good learning experience.


All in all, AI solves a lot of problems that are commonly encountered by the recruiters. It, besides making the process more streamlined and easier, also improves the workability of the recruited candidates by AI-based training. Therefore, very soon, we would see the AI technology getting more space in the recruitment process and it will be making it more efficient.