Singapore Government envisions to make Singapore a Smart Nation

South Asia’s superpower, Singapore always remains among the top listed countries when we talk about technology. And, this happened not suddenly, in the year 2014, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced his vision of establishing a Smart Nation. He shared his vision to improve the lifestyle of people by offering them a world-class infrastructure with top-notch technology. 

He further stated that developing a Smart Nation is not easy for any government. It needs collaboration of three entities, namely, Government who believe in digitalization, Digitally-run-economy, and Digital Society who are ready to accept all the good changes.

The first two elements are still in the control of the Singapore Government, but the third element totally depends on the society, which means how they welcome the changes based on the technology. However, if we talk about how well all these elements coordinating to turn the vision of “Smart Nation” into reality, then we would be glad to know that the Singapore Government has been implementing technology for all its operations and activities. Likewise, even the interaction between citizens and the Government is also being done using technology platforms only.

What we are seeing today in Singapore is just a foundation of tomorrow’s hi-tech nation. The Government is backing technology giants like Facebook, Google and many top IT firms, which clearly show the vision of the Singapore Government.

Furthermore, the Singapore Government has been taking great initiative to make its vision come true, like encouraging the start-up culture, by offering them several benefits like various financial schemes, tax benefits and many more.  In addition to this, the Singapore Government has been appreciating the role of IT companies (both locally based and internationally operating) in fostering the technology growth. Be it the Mobile, Web Application development services or the most advanced set of technologies like Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the IT companies are playing a crucial role in taking this vision to farther ends. 

All in all, Singapore is heading towards a more technology-driven workspace, with better opportunities for people to grow and live comfortably at the same time.