Singapore seeks technology help to combat the spread of COVID 19

From 1 to 422K+ cases that too in a span of a few weeks, the Novel COVID-19 virus has been spreading like wildfire. Nations across the globe, are no matter making significant efforts to control the spread of COVID-19, but still unable to turn down the number of cases that are coming every moment. In this light of immense pain and suffering where people are losing their lives, the tech-nation like Singapore has launched the world’s first nationwide contact tracing app. (Source: WHO, wordometers)

Although, this app does not provide treatment to the sufferers, but, it is very effective in controlling its widespread among the people. So, let’s find it out how this app can save the Singaporean’s lives.

TraceTogether-What it is and how it works?

TraceTogether, the revolutionary contact tracing app is one of the greatest innovations done for the mankind. This Bluetooth-based mobile application is brought up by the Singapore government in an attempt to control the COVID-19 outbreak. This app notifies the users, whenever they come across any COVID-19 patient and also alerts them when they are in close contact with someone.

TraceTogether application works on the Bluetooth technology. It works by exchanging short distance Bluetooth signals between the phones to identify the TraceTogether app users in the close proximity. Next, the records of such encounters are stored in the phone locally, which is to be shared with the Ministry of Health (MOH). Once these records are available with the MOH, it is thoroughly checked to find out if any of these matches with the COVID-19 patients. Thereafter, the MOH alerts such users who came in contact with the COVID-19 patients and provides them adequate medication, in early stages. This app thereby makes tracing of COVID-19 cases easier and further helps in controlling the spread of COVID-19 outbreak. (Source: Ministry of Health, Singapore)

What about user privacy?

Next, if anyone is worried about their privacy while using the TraceTogether application, then they need not worry. In the cases, when a user does not comes across any of the COVID-19 cases, then this app automatically deletes such records from their phones after 21 days. Further, all the data records are stored on the user’s phone locally and encrypted. Once the user shares the data with the MOH, then only this data is processed and in case anyone is found positive for the COVID-19, then they are requested to enter their details into the app, to make the application more effective.


Undoubtedly, the Singapore government has always impressed the entire world with its innovations and adaption towards the best technologies for the people. Across all such innovations, the Trace Together application is so far one of the best initiatives ever taken by any nation to make the tracing of COVID-19 sufferers that easy. Such innovations further sets a great example in front of the world, who have been looking for a technology solution to combat the widespread of novel Coronavirus.