Technology: Key Player in Organization Growth

Most of you would have heard the popular sayings from older times, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, but, have you ever intercepted this very saying in the context of the technological transformation in the world? Well, technology has been helping us with better methods and ways to accomplish our daily tasks. Taking this discussion ahead, here in this context, we will talk about how technology can help an organization grow.

Technology for all

To begin with, there are several activities that are commuting on a daily basis in an organization. It starts with as basic as handling a team of people to delivering the business offering to the people. Let’s have a look over how technology helps in all these tasks:-

Managing a team

A team is the most important asset of a company. To ensure that, the organization gets most out of its team members, technology plays a vital role. There are different productivity measuring tools that help the organization to monitor the activities of the team members on a regular basis. For example, we have HRMS that allows the organization to get complete details about an employee, on all the grounds with a single click and identify the areas, where further improvement can be made.

Dealing with clients

Next, we have better ways to interact and assist clients. Technologies like AI brings us Chatbots and other such tools, which makes it easier for us to stay in touch with the customers throughout the day, resolve their queries in real-time, and assist them in all possible cases.

Business promotion

Next, we have a requirement for business promotion. If an organization fails to promote its business offerings to the people, then, it substantially hits its market sales and results in the loss of the customers. For this, technology brings us a whole new space, called digital marketing, which allows us to promote our business offerings to a wider audience, without leaving our place. Other than this, it cuts down the cost of marketing and promotion of the business products and services to a great extent.

Seamless payments

Next, when it comes to the collection of funds and payments, then the technology has advanced to a new level, allowing us to make payments using the digital mediums in no-time. This not only ensures the safety of the fund transfers but also, reduces the hidden costs associated with such transactions. For example, the popular fund transfer interface, Western Union have a very powerful Chatbot for addressing the customer’s queries, and this way they have been staying in touch with their clients. (Source: Western Union)


All in all, technology has brought us an entirely new space to grow our business. It has given us the opportunity to manage our resources in a better manner and make our business practices more accessible and accountable.