Technology Solution to fight against COVID-19 pandemic

Remember the great recession period that ever lasted in the history, the years between 2000 and 2010, where the global economy hit the lowest mark ever? In this recession phase, leading banks went bankrupt and people instead of buying or selling anything struggled with paying their own debts. After this recession phase, if think about the next despairing event happened in the world, then the COVID-19 outbreak tops the list.

The COVID-19 outbreak has so far taken over 69K lives and infected more than 126K people across the world. Realizing the danger associated with its further spread, most of the countries have gone on a complete lockdown and all the major events have been canceled so far. But, still, we aren’t able to turn down the number of cases that are rising every moment. Amidst this, tech companies and IT firms have joined their hands together to find a resourceful solution to control the spread of novel Coronavirus. Let’s have a detailed overview of the progress made so far. (Source: WHO, Worldometers, IRLE)

3D Printing Technology

In order to meet the rising demand for the medical equipments like ventilators, bag valve mask (BVM) and others, 3D-Printing Technology is being implemented. This technology besides helping in the mass-production of medical equipment also cut down the medical cost to a great extent. For instance, the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Massachusetts is working on designing the medical devices and components, which can be further used for its mass-production.

COVID-19 Public Datasets

In order to make adequate data for further analysis, Tech giant Google has been running a COVID-19 Public Datasets program. Under this program, Google has been providing COVID-19 datasets to the researchers, data scientists and analysts at no additional cost.

Robots for assisting patients

Robots for assisting patients Next, robots are getting employed for disinfecting the hospital premises, providing medical supplies and treating the patients. This is done to mitigate the involvement of humans in the high-risk zones.

AI for addressing COVID-19 queries

Since the healthcare professionals are overloaded with a lot of work, thereby, it becomes quite difficult for them to address each and every query popping up every moment. To address such queries, AI-driven virtual chatbots are being implemented. These virtual assistants are proficient in addressing a huge number of customers’ queries simultaneously.


All in all, everybody is playing their role in combating the spread of this deadly Coronavirus. Let’s hope techies, researchers and biologists come up with a solution that would help us turn down the number of COVID-19 cases and restore the happy and healthy lives among the people.