Top 5 Technology Trends for 2020

Today, the primary concern of every industry is customer engagement, more market sales, higher competitive advantage, better brand visibility, and happier customers. But eventually, all of this cannot be achieved merely by employing traditional methods and outdated technologies. It can rather be achieved by employing the best technologies and methods and keeping up with this idea, the following context, highlights the Top 5 technology trends for 2020.

Cloud Computing

One of the most dreadful events ever happened in history is evidently the COVID -19 outbreak, which completely changed the way we live and work. Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, where “Work from Home” has become a common practice, Cloud Technology has been playing an important role (Source: Business Insider Report on Changing Workplace Culture, 2020). This year, hopefully, this technology will find more application areas and see further growth across different industries.

Augmented reality

Since customers have been showing more interest in those applications that are engaging and convenient, technologies like AR have been finding more applications. These two technologies have been assisting with virtual tours, enhancing the user experience, and making technology more perceivable. Considering all this, this year, it’s estimated that there would be more demand for the AR app development and Augmented Reality Services across all the industries.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) has been becoming an increasingly popular topic over the past several years. It holds great potential to change the way we live and the way we interact with the things around us. With an objective to connect every device to the internet, it aims to streamline the processes across all the segments and help people live a more comfortable life.

Artificial Intelligence

No matter which industry we have been talking about, Artificial Intelligence has always remained the most pronounced technologies of all time. This year, we will be observing Artificial intelligence in healthcare, Artificial intelligence in Banking, Artificial intelligence in finance and would find it revolutionizing Voice Assistants, and other intelligent devices.

Blockchain Technology

Many of you would have heard about the world’s first digital currency Bitcoin and most of you would surely have invested in that too. But, have you ever wondered, what’s the technology behind its functionality and outreach? Well, if you have started scratching on your head, then stay calm, we are not going to keep it long time suspense. It’s the blockchain technology that has given birth to the bitcoin. Furthermore, it is not at all confined to merely bitcoin, there are a number of sectors that have been influenced by this technology, like Gaming, Auditing, Banking, Insurance, Education, Healthcare and Manufacturing.


Overall, the year 2020 which started with many dreadful events, like COVID-19 being the most annoying across all, would hopefully see a better implementation of technologies for the betterment of mankind. This year, people would rely more on technologies like artificial intelligence, Cloud computing, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, and Blockchain Technology for improving their overall working efficiency. Furthermore, technology hubs like Singapore would still lead as the fastest adaptors of innovation and would attract more technology companies in Singapore.