Top 5 use cases of AR

Ever wondered, the physical world where we all live can be enhanced by means of technology? Well, yes, there exists a technology that is so influential that it can improve the overall experience of the users and keep them engaged for a longer period of time. Here, in this context, we will discuss the top five use cases of Augmented reality and thereby understand why the demand for AR Development Services rising consistently across all the business domains.

Retail Industry

AR technology plays an imperative role in boosting market sales and reduce product return cases. For this, the AR offers virtual fitting rooms to the customers, where they can try a product and make their purchases. This proves out to be great for boosting the customer satisfaction rate and at the same time, it boosts overall sales.

Banking and Finance

Ever since AR technology entered the banking industry, every financial institution and leading banks began exploring its use case for enhancing their existing services. Likewise, the Development Bank of Singapore, which is one of the largest Singaporean banks that introduced its most awaited AR-based banking app for facilitating virtual walk-ins for the customers in the banks from their smartphones and experience banking from their own place.

Entertainment Industry

Every day millions of people scroll across the digital content and with this they expect to have a better experience every time. In this frame, AR can prove out to be solving all the problems faced by the people and offering them the recommendations that they wish to see. AR-powered apps offer personalized content to users based on their activity and website behavior. Other than this, AR assists in framing advertisements and the development of film trailers and thereby plays an important role in the entertainment industry.

Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry is another biggest embracer of the AR technology and it is expected to grow by 256 Billion USD by 2025, with AR occupying nearly 40 percent of all the gaming domains (Global Gaming Market Survey,2019). The impact of AR across the gaming industry can be embraced by analyzing the hype gained by the AR-based game, Pokemon Go, which attracted millions of gamers worldwide and got them engaged for a very long time.

Travel Industry

For the tour planners, the AR technology has been helping them to explore their accommodation space and hotels via the AR-based apps. It offers great customization for their rooms and helps them in their hotel booking process. Other than this, AR-based apps help travel buffs to explore new places with an entirely different experience. It thereby makes it easier for the professionals for the hospitality industry to offer a great experience to the travelers at a very low cost.


Overall, Augmented Reality Services are all set to bring better opportunities across different sectors and eventually raise the demand for AR App Development services. Furthermore, in countries like Singapore, this technology is being embraced at a more pronounced level and accordingly, there has been a high demand for the Augmented reality Developer in Singapore.