Top 8 Options for Hosting Your Website in 2021

Business websites have undoubtedly become an important part of our lives! Besides allowing the businesses to possess a digital identity, it allows the users to get every detail about their favorite brands! But, have you ever wondered how do these websites become live? How one is able to make their websites interact with users worldwide? Well, hereby, the website hosts play an important role and here, we will be talking about the top eight options for hosting your website in 2021. In addition to this, we will be talking about some of the best web developers in Singapore, who can help you in hosting your website.

How to host a website?

Before we move ahead to talking about the best options available for hosting your website, let’s talk about how to host a website! Hereby, the complete process that is involved in hosting a website has been stated:-

Decide which type of website you need

To begin with, one needs to decide, which type of website one needs, which can be Static, that is based on the HTML format; Dynamic website, which is CRM-driven and mostly used by the eCommerce web developers.

Select your hosting server

Once you are done with deciding the website, now choose your hosting server, which can be either Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting, based on the website type. For instance, in the former case, the websites which are written in PHP format are suitable and in the latter case, the websites which are written in ASP .NET are suitable.

Choose the Web Hosting Plan

Next, you need to choose an appropriate web hosting plan, which can be Shared Hosting, which is ideally suitable for those who wish to share the physical server with other websites; Virtual Private Hosting, which is ideal for those who wish to operate their websites individually; Dedicated Hosting, which is ideal for those who wish to have entire server exclusively for their websites; and the Cloud Hosting is meant for those, who wish to have multiple cloud-based servers.

Update your DNS Address

Once one is done with choosing the web hosting plan, next they are required to update their existing name server with the one which has been provided by the web hosting provider.

Website Upload

Finally, the website needs to be uploaded over the created account by using FTP programs like FileZilla Client and others! Hereby, there are some of the best web developers in Singapore to help out.

What are the best options for website hosting?

HostGator Web Hosting

Some of the best website development companies in Singapore, recommends that for the users who have been looking for shared hosting, HostGator is a great recommendation. It's easy-to-use and offers a wide range of plans for consumers and small businesses.

Hostwinds Web Hosting

Another on the list is the Hostwinds, which not only offers the best VPS hosting plans for small and large businesses but also helps one build highly functional and attractive websites.

A2 Web Hosting

For WordPress users, A2 Web Hosting emerges as a great tool ingrained with plenty of features. So, if in case, one has been wondering to use WordPress as the website's foundation, then, it is the best one!

DreamHost Web Hosting

Cloud Hosting has always remained among the top priorities among those, who wish to have a more convenient and effective web hosting solution. As per some of the best web developers in Singapore, DreamHost is one of the best cloud-based web hosting tools, which offers great features at a very reasonable price and makes the entire web development process easy for novice webmasters.

AccuWeb Hosting

At times, there are companies that are more stressed about the overall cost of website hosting, and in this case, AccuWeb Hosting is a great website hosting tool. It offers excellent customer service, terrific uptime, and a windows server operating system for the website.

Liquid Web Hosting

In contrast to AccuWeb Hosting, Liquid Web Hosting is a bit more expensive and does not offer a shared hosting format, but, it comes loaded with plenty of features that make it easy to use and offers great customer service.

WP Engine Web Hosting

Moving ahead with this list, we have WP Engine Web Hosting, which offers reliable customer service, excellent uptime, and flexibility. It thereby emerges as a worthy option for hosting your website, whereby it becomes possible to hosting your WordPress pages, even if one has been running an enterprise-class site.

GoDaddy Web Hosting

Even though GoDaddy stepped late in the web hosting format, but, within a very short span of time, it has evolved into a reliable and flexible web hosting provider. It offers a wide range of web hosting tools and services to help satisfy most website needs.

Cloudways Web Hosting

Besides the above-listed web hosting options, Cloudways is eventually one of the most powerful servers that emerge as an easy-to-set-up web hosting tool against an affordable price range. However, it doesn't offer domain registration or email, but, can get things done in another way, which is more efficient and secure.

Where to find the best web development services?

Interestingly, there are a large number of website development companies in Singapore, which offer the best web development services, but, if one has been looking for the best one, which can help them hosting their website, then, Pixel Softwares is a great suggestion. At Pixel, one can rest assured with the quality services and that too at a very reasonable price in the web development industry.


We are pretty sure by now you would have got an idea about all the essential stages involved in web hosting and the available web hosting tools, but, you might be wondering, which one is suitable for your business type! Well, hereby, web developers at Pixel Softwares can help you choose the best one for your business and help you with the after services too! This blog is intended to draw your attention towards the trending web hosting services and hereby, there are some of the best web hosting service providers in Singapore, who can assist the users!