UX/UI Design Solutions

Here at Pixel software, you will be able to get a comprehensive user interface design solution specialized in web/desktop/mobile users’ interface (UI/UX) design and development and visual design services. User-friendly as well as immense is our selling brand since we don’t want to make things complicated for you as well to your customers hence making you unique and distinguished. Through our web application software, you shall be able to argument on the product and services you provide in a very easy and friendly manner. To make user design profile feel alive, we design wireframes and page designs that are up to date as well best quality.

Technical Expertise

  • Visual design
  • User interface designing
  • Photoshop, Core I, OmniGraffle, etc.
  • Html, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, and JavaScript.

We further help you to develop a well-structured web app, you will be having functional service center comprising of participation of product envision workshops, user profile definition, task flow, usage scenario, information hierarchy, user interface style guides and much more than your customers will enjoy. With the UX/UI services, we offer rebranding and structuring of marketing strategy through web development, through restructuring of the existing websites whether it is a corporate website or a business portal, a gallery or an e-commerce portal, all shall be catered for by our team experts.

With Pixel softwares, we know what it takes to catch new customers as well as attracting new ones in the market, creativity is the key, of which our experts are best in employing the skill. This will ensure that you will remain on the high end of uniqueness due to our innovations in the team of pixel.

  • With affordable costs, you shall enjoy the services of the most innovative team
  • Familiarity with WEB2 design standard makes them to be within them as they bring about new technologies and proven practices.
  • Cross compatible and cross-browser website creation
  • Within time development proven methodologies and design strategies to meet the goals of the company.
  • Ability to track progress through project milestones and transparency involved.
  • Ability to build a website optimized for the search engine depends on the keywords used on web pages.

Reasons to hire our UI/UX designers

Responsive design of websites has been the talk of the day due to the ability to achieve much with very little costs. For a page to be responsive it has to be a single URL and HTML coded. This gets optimized depending on the screen resolution on which it has been opened thus giving optimum viewing experience.

  • Well responsive and appealing websites attract more visitors and encourage them to stay on the page.
  • Making your web page quality keeps you ahead of competitors which comes from experience knowing how to translate ideas in a web page.
  • Strong product identification and build can be enhanced through a well-designed web page.
  • Through project milestones, the client is able to track the project milestone and transparency in it.
  • Through a well-structured web design, it will help to increase production efficiency and hence increase in demand and hence production.
  • There is a solid creation of a foundation that creates a field of improvement which will be needed upon completion of the initial site.