Why ERP Software Is Important for Your Business?

Do you know what are the core processes required to run a company? We are sure by now you might be thinking about it and might have started preparing a list of all the processes that are carried out in a company like supply chain, manufacturing, accounting, HR management, procurement, and so on! But, do you think all these processes are easy to manage and monitor without any technical assistance? Well, it’s not and it requires a lot of planning and monitoring to keep all the organizational operations smooth and perfect. Hereby, there exists an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which not only provides visibility, efficiency, and intelligence across all the aspects of the business but also, assists in monitoring and managing all the business operations via a single interface.

Taking this discussion ahead, here we will be talking about How Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integrates all the processes into a single system and simplifies business. In addition to this, we will be talking about some of the best Enterprise Resource Planning system developers in Singapore.

What is an ERP System and What are its Types?

Before the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system came into existence, technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence became quite prominent and influenced the technocrats to find its applications for today’s business. In this lookout, they came across an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which operates on the verticals of machine learning and AI, integrates all the business operations such as raw materials management, finance, production, HR management, supply chain management, and accounting into a unified system. This software system further enables greater accuracy and collaboration between the different departments of the business organization and based on the application, it is classified into the following three categories:-

  • Cloud ERP-As the name signifies a Cloud ERP is an end-to-end Software that processes all its operations over the cloud, assists one to manage all the enterprise operations such as supply chain, manufacturing, finance, HR, procurement, and materials management through public and private cloud implementation. This is one of the most prominent ERP systems, which has been gaining popularity among business professionals and emerging as one of the most preferred choices for those who have been looking for an enterprise resource planning company in Singapore.
  • On-Premise ERP- Other than the Cloud ERP, there are times when one experiences the need for having an enterprise resource planning system called an On-Premise ERP system, which is operable from their individual database and provides excellent flexibility and control for those businesses who have been looking for enterprise resource planning company in Singapore.
  • Hybrid ERP-Besides, Cloud ERP and On-Premise ERP, there exists another enterprise resource planning system, called the Hybrid ERP, which combines the benefits of both Cloud ERP and On-Premise ERP. So, one can easily use some of the ERP applications over on-premise and some in the cloud, that’s why it is sometimes called two-tier ERP and this is now one of the most popular ERP systems that are demanded by the businesses from some of the best enterprise resource planning companies in Singapore
  • Why ERP is important for today’s Business?

    Based on the business requirement one can have any form of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, but, utmost of you might be wondering how does an ERP system makes your business more efficient and organized and why does one need to reach out to some of the best enterprise resource planning companies in Singapore? Then here are the benefits associated with it:-

    Real-time Reports

    Another reason, why does one need to reach to some of the best enterprise resource planning companies in Singapore is that an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system provides timely business and financial reporting and shares quick results. So, one can easily monitor all the business activities and take required actions in real-time.

    Enhances Productivity

    Besides the above-stated benefits associated with having an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, one of the key benefits associated with it is that it automates and streamlines the core business processes, and thereby helps one to accomplish more with fewer resources.

    Impressive Integrated Platform

    One always wonders, how great things would be if one could manage a wide range of activities using a single platform, so hereby, an Enterprise Resource Planning System presents as an integrated platform that shares a database, simplify the processes involved in an organization, and allows everyone to work more effectively.

    Detailed insights into your business

    One of the key reasons why one needs to reach to some of the best enterprise resource planning companies in Singapore is that one can get quick answers to all the critical business questions, understand their business requirements, and remain updated about all the business operations.

    Track and Manage organizational activities

    The next, interesting thing about ERP is that it offers a single interface to the users, where they can easily track and manage all the organizational activities, across different departments and monitor whether they are all aligned to meet the required set of goals.


    From market sales and customer relationships to finances and business operations, an ERP system, with a global market share worth $41.69 billion in the year 2020, promises better visibility, better control, and better collaboration between the different departments of the business organization. It is thereby ideally suitable for those businesses that have been struggling with managing all their business operations simultaneously and monitor them, so as to ensure that they would achieve the desired results. In regards to this, there are some of the best enterprise resource planning companies in Singapore, who not only offers customized ERP systems for companies across different industries but also promise reliability, affordability, and great results. Likewise, if one asks for a great suggestion, then, Pixel Softwares, is one such company, whereby, one can find quality, reliability, and affordability for its ERP system and stay assured of the benefits associated with some of the leading ERP solution providers in Singapore.